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1 Śledź w oleju z cebulką Hering with onions and boiled potatoes. 15.00 2 Domowy smalec z dodatkiem suszonej śliwki. Lard served with dark bread and pickled cucumber. Prepared according to a traditional recipe with apples and dried plums. 14.00 3 Tatar wołowy 100g. High quality beef tartare (100g) with additions: marinated cucumber, onion, marinated mushrooms, egg. 29.00 4 Szuba The famous herring under the blanket with boiled vegetables: beetroot, carrot, potatoes and onion, egg and mayonnaise. Everything is layered, it creates interesting flavors and visual compositions. 19.00 5 Deska przekąsek Board of snacks - Kabanos, smoked grillowany, camembert, cheese, black and green olives, marinated cucumber, marinated mushrooms, wholemeal bread, butter. 48.00


8 Bulion z makaronem Chicken soup - Homemade chicken soup with noodles. 11.00 9 Ucha rybacka Traditional Russian Soup with fish, potato, garlic, carrot and onion. (SEASONALLY Saturday and Sunday, from october to march). 13.00 10 Barszcz ukraiński Traditional ukrainian borsch with beets, cabbage, potatoes, meat and the addition of cream. 14.00 11 Solianka Traditional russian soup - Famous Russian soup made with assorted meats, olives, pickles and lemon. 16.00


14 Sałatka Cezar Caesar salad - Lettuce, grilled chicken fillet, parmesan cheese, anchois sauce, toasts. 28.00 15 Sałatka Kaukaska Caucasian salad - Tomato, cucumber, black olives, red onion, peppers, feta cheese, all served with olive oil and vinegar. 23.00


Russian home made traditional damplings served in broth.

18 Pielmieni sibirskie 18 szt. Classic Siberian pielmieni stuffed with pork and beef 18pcs. 25.00 18a Pielmieni sibirskie 25 szt. Classic Siberian pielmieni stuffed with pork and beef 25pcs. 28.00 19 Pielmieni dierewienskije 18 szt. Dierewienskije pielmieni stuffed with poultry 18pcs. 24.00 19a Pielmieni dierewienskije 25 szt. Dierewienskije pielmieni stuffed with poultry 25pcs. 28.00 20 Pielmieni uzbeckie 18 szt. Uzbek pielmieni stuffed with mutton 18pcs. 25.00 20a Pielmieni uzbeckie 25 szt. Uzbek pielmieni stuffed with mutton 25pcs. 29.00 21 MIX Pielmieni 18 szt. MIX Pielmieni 18pcs. 27.00 21a MIX Pielmieni 30 szt. MIX Pielmieni 30pcs. 36.00


Ukrainian variety of dumplings with a delicate batter, with vegetarian filling (without meat).

24 Wareniki jakuckie 14 szt. Yakutian Wareniki with fish stuffing, cod-salmon. 14pcs. 26.00 24a Wareniki jakuckie 20 szt. Yakutian Wareniki with fish stuffing, cod-salmon. 20pcs. 29.00 25 Wareniki ukraińskie 14 szt. Ukrainian Wareniki with cabbage and mushrooms. 14pcs. 22.00 25a Wareniki ukraińskie 20 szt. Ukrainian Wareniki with cabbage and mushrooms. 20pcs. 26.00 26 Wareniki polskie 14 szt. Polish Wareniki with white cheese, onions and potatoes. 14pcs. 23.00 26a Wareniki polskie 20 szt. Polish Wareniki with white cheese, onions and potatoes. 20pcs. 27.00 27 Wareniki z jagodami 14 szt. Wareniki with blueberries - seasonally. 14pcs. 22.00 27a Wareniki z jagodami 20 szt. Wareniki with blueberries - seasonally. 20pcs. 26.00 28 MIX Wareniki 18 szt. MIX Wareniki 18 pcs. 26.00 28a MIX Wareniki 30 szt. MIX Wareniki 30 pcs. 29.00


Regional dish of the Crimean Tatars. Large fried dumpling with various fillings (meat, cheese, cheese and meat), served with garlic sauce.

31 Czeburek z mięsem Cheburek with meat 26.00 32 Czeburek z serem żółtym i ziołami Cheburek with cheese and herbs 24.00 33 Czeburek z mięsem i serem Cheburek with meat and cheese 28.00

Buckwheat pancakes

Crunchy and delicate, plump buckwheat flour pancakes (2pcs)

36 Bliny gryczane ze śmietaną. Buckweat pancakes with sour cream. 19.00 37 Bliny gryczane z łososiem wędzonym. Buckhweat pancakes with smoked salmon. 29.00 38 Bliny gryczane z kawiorem. Buckhweat pancakes with caviar. 33.00 39 Bliny gryczane z łososiem i kawiorem. Buckhweat pancakes with salmon and caviar. 36.00


Popular Belarusian potato pancakes (5 pcs).

41 Draniki z mięsem z karkówki. Draniki with pork. 25.00 42 Draniki z sosem śmietankowo-pieczarkowym. Draniki with cream and mushroom sauce. 24.00 43 Draniki z łososiem wędzonym. Draniki with smoked salmon. 26.00 44 Draniki ze śmietaną. Draniki with sour cream. 23.00

Meat and fish dishes

45 Kotleta carskaja Pork roasted in the oven with cheese and mushrooms, served with baked potatoes and salad. 35.00 46 Kotleta Bohatyrski Pork chop roasted in the oven with tomatoes and cheese, served with potatoes and salad. 35.00 48 Pstrąg smażony Fried trout baked in the oven, seasoned with freshly ground pepper and butter, served with boiled potatoes and broccoli. 35.00 49 Grillowany filet z łososia Grilled salmon fillet served with boiled vegetables and roasted potatoes. 36.00


52 Ikra Caviar 25.00 53 Surówka Additional salad 9.00 54 Ogórki kiszone Pickled cucumbers 6.00 55 Grzanki Toasted bread with garlic 8.00


58 Syrniczek Plump cheese cake with powdered sugar and glaze. 12.00 59 Blińczyk na słodko 2 szt. Sweet classic thin Russian pancake with glaze. 2 pcs. 9.00 60 Blińczyk z dodatkiem jabłka prażonego. Sweet classic thin Russian pancake with roasted apples 13.00