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Bombaj Masala

Tandoori Specialties

Dishes served without added - rice or naan separately charge

S1 Reshmi Paneer Tikka Grilled cottage cheese with courgette and pepper served with coriander pesto 36.00 S2 Gosht Seekh Paratha Indian bread stuffed with minced lamb meat 34.00 S3 Tandoori Chicken Spicy chicken roasted in tandoor served with with mix salad and raita 38.00 S4 Tandoori Fish Samudra Zander marinated in Indian spices roasted with courgette and lemon served on garlic chilli sauce 46.00 S5 Tandoori Lamb Pieces of lamb in Indian herbs roasted in clay oven served with mint sauce and salad 49.00

Appetizers vegetarian

1 Samosa 2 szt. Crispy dumplings stuffed with potatoes and green peas 16.00 2 SAMPHIRE KOLIWADA Samphire battered in spicy dough and deep fried 24.00 3 Hara Bara Kebab 4 szt. Mixed vegetable cutlets 18.00 4 ANGARI TIKKI 4 szt. Spicy vegetable cutlets 18.00 5 Pakoras Delight Variety of vegetables battered and deep- fried 19.00 6 Onion Bhajia Golden fried onions 18.00

Appetizers vegetarian of Tandoor oven

10 Makhmali Kebab Minced vegetables kebab 26.00 11 Paneer Tikka Home made cottage cheese marinated and grilled in tandoor 26.00

Meat appetizers

18 Malai Kebab Pieces of chicken marinated in cashewnut paste 26.00 19a Jhinga Fry Shrimps fried on ghee butter with garlic, curry leaves and coriander 45.00 20 Chicken Tikka Chunks of chicken marinated in indian spices 26.00 20a Chicken 65 Pieces of chicken in spicy dough with curry leaves 26.00 22 Gosht Seekh Kebab Minced mutton kebab 32.00 23a Lasooni Prawns Shrimps marinated in garlic & herbs roasted in clay oven 45.00 25 Fish Tikka Marinated pieces of fish barbecued 26.00 26 Mutton Samosa 2 szt. Crispy dumplings stuffed with lamb and potatoes 19.00 27 Prawns Koliwada Shrimps fried in spicy dough 45.00 28 Vegetarian Chefs Platter Assorted platter of vegetarian kebabs 49.00 29 Meat Chefs Platter Assorted platter of non vegetarian kebabs 59.00 30 Mix Chefs Platter Assorted platter of vegetarian and non vegetarian kebabs 55.00


35 Mulligatewny Shorba Creamy lentil soup 12.00 36 Chicken Shorba Creamy chicken soup 14.00 37 Mutton Shorba Mutton soup 18.00 38 Sea Food Shorba Spicy sea food soup 23.00


44 Prawns Salad Mix salad leaves with cucumber, mango and king prawns 46.00 46 Chicken Salad Salad with pieces of tandoori chicken breast 29.00

Vegetarian dishes

You can choose to dish:
- for free : Plain Rice or Plain Naan.
- for 3zł: Butter Naan or for 4zł Lasooni Naan.

55 Yellow Daal Tarka Yellow lentils fried with onion, tomato & chilli 26.00 56 Bombaj Masala Daal Black lentils cooked in tomato-butter gravy 28.00 58 Palak Paneer Chunks of cottage cheese in spinach sauce 34.00 58a Paneer Tikka Masala Chunks of cottage cheese from tandoor in spicy tomato gravy 34.00 58b Paneer Makhani Pieces of paneer cheese in tomato-cashewnut gravy 34.00 59 Malai Kofta Curry Paneer cutlets with dry fruits in mild cashewnut gravy 26.00 62 Vegetable Kofta Curry Vegetable cutlets in mild gravy 32.00 63 Vegetables Dewani Handi Fresh vegetables cooked in spinach-coconut sauce 29.00 64 Vegetable Navratan Korma Mixed vegetables cooked in cashewnut & cream sauce with dry fruits 26.00 66 Pindi Chana Masala Chickpeas and potatoes fried with tomato-onion gravy 26.00 67 Vegetarian Sizzler Selected vegetables and paneer fried in Indian spices served on hot platter 36.00 68 Paneer Chilli Fried pieces of paneer with vegetables and chilli 34.00 69 Daal Panchirangi Mix of 5 different lentils cooked in onion-butter gravy 28.00 70 Sadras Sabzi Green vegetables tossed in Indian spices 29.00 71 Aloo Bhindi Bhaji Pieces of okra fried with potatoes in spicy & sour sauce 29.00 72 Vegetables Kolaphuri Mix of vegetables in very spicy curry sauce 27.00

Meat and fish dishes

You can choose to dish:
- for free : Plain Rice or Plain Naan.
- for 3zł: Butter Naan or 4zł Lasooni Naan.

74a Coconut Malai Chicken Cashewnut marinated chicken breast roasted in tandoor served in rich coconut gravy 39.00 75 Murgh Makhani – Butter Chicken Barbecued chicken in creamy tomato-cashewnut gravy 39.00 76 Chicken Bhindi Masala Chicken breast from tandoor oven fried with okra and mild Indian spices 38.00 77 Chicken Tikka Masala Barbecued chicken in spicy tomato gravy 39.00 78 Bombaj Masala Chicken- Chiefs Special Chicken in coconut Indian gravy 39.00 79 Navratan Chicken Korma Chunks of chicken in delicate creamy almond sauce with dry fruits 36.00 80 Chicken Jalfrezi Chicken in spicy & sour curry sauce with vegetables 39.00 81 Chicken Madras Chicken in very SPICY gravy from Madras 39.00 82 Murgh Hyderabadi Chicken in coriander- mint curry sauce 36.00 83 Chicken Tikka Sizzler Chicken tikka fried with vegetables served on hot platter 42.00 84 Chicken Vindaloo Chicken with potatoes in spicy masala gravy 38.00 84b Chana Chicken Chicken tikka fried with chickpeas in Indian spices 38.00 85 Mutton Bombaj Masala Speciality of restaurant- lamb in delicious gravy 46.00 86 Mutton Hara Masala Pieces of lamb cooked in spinach-coriander curry sauce 44.00 87 Mutton Bhindi Sizzler Pieces of lamb and okra served on hot platter 46.00 88 Bhuna Gosht Chunks of lamb fried in Indian spices 46.00 89 Mutton Gulzar Pieces of lamb in cashewnut -almond gravy 46.00 90 Mutton Lal Masala Chunks of lamb in very spicy curry sauce 42.00 91 Mutton Dhansak Lamb with pieces of eggplant in lentil curry sauce 44.00 91a Mutton Lawabdar Pieces of lamb in mild tomato and onion gravy 42.00 93 Lasooni Fish Fish in garlic-coconut gravy 44.00 94 Goan Fish Curry Fish in tomato curry sauce with coconut milk 42.00 95 BOMBAJ MASALA FISH CURRY Fish pieces cooked in Indian spices with curry leaves and coconut milk 44.00 96 Malvani Fish Curry Fish in very spicy gravy 42.00 97 Kadai Jhinga Shrimps fried with vegetables 49.00 98 Bombaj Masala Prawns Curry Prawns fried in Indian spices with curry leaves and coconut milk 54.00 99 Prawns Molly Shrimps in coconut-onion curry sauce with pepper 49.00 100 Seafood Sizzler Selection of seafood fried with vegetables served on a hot platter 55.00 101 Prawne Chilli Shrimps fried with pepper, onion and green chilli 54.00

Rice dishes

105 Bombaj Masala Mutton Dum Biryani Basmati rice steamed with mutton and Indian spices 46.00 106 Chicken Dum Biryani Basmati rice steamed with chicken 39.00 107 Vegetarian Dum Biryani Basmati rice steamed with vegetables 34.00 108 Prawns Dum Biryani Basmati rice steamed with prawns 52.00 109 Vegetable Pulao Fried rice with vegetables 22.00 110 Mutter Pulao Fried rice with green peas 14.00 111 Jeera Rice Fried rice with cumin seeds and Indian spices 14.00 112 Lemon Rice Fried rice with fresh lemon juice 14.00 113 Plain Rice Steamed basmati rice 9.00 114 Mint Rice Rice fried with fresh mint 14.00 115 Plain Pulao Fried rice with spices 14.00

Tandoori Breads

117 Plain naan Plain tandoori bread made from refined flour 9.00 118 Butter Naan Tandoori bread with butter 12.00 119 Lasooni Naan Tandoori bread with garlic 13.00 119a Mint Naan Tandoori bread with mint 13.00 120 Laccha Paratha Double layer butter bread 13.00 121 Aloo Paratha Bread stuffed with mashed & spiced potatoes 17.00 122 Paneer Paratha Indian bread stuffed with mashed cottage cheese & spices 18.00 123 Peshawari Paratha Indian bread stuffed with mashed cottage cheese & raisins 18.00 124 Masala Kulcha Indian bread stuffed with spicy potatoes & onion 18.00 125 Plain Roti Tandoori bread made of wheat flour 9.00 126 Butter Roti Tandoori bread made of wheat flour with butter 12.00 129 Assorted Bread Basket Busket of assorted Indian breads 22.00

Indian sweets

130 Gulab Jamun Deep fried mini donuts soaked in sweet sirup 12.00


135 Salty Lassi 0,25 l 12.00 136 Mango Lassi 0,25 l 14.00 137 Lemoniada cytrynowa Lemonade 12.00 138 Lemoniada owocowa Seasonal fruits lemonade 14.00


139a Vegetable Raita Yogurt mixed with fresh cut vegetables 10.00 140 Mixed Pickle Mixed vegetables Indian pickles 5.00 141 Mango Chutney Indian chutney made of mango 5.00 142 Chilli – Lemon- Onion Slices Slices of fresh chilli, lemon and onion 5.00 143 Jeera Aloo Jeera Aloo. (small portion) Potatoes fried with cumin seeds 14.00 144 Masala Gobhi (mała porcja ) Masala Gobhi (small portion). Cauliflower fried with Indian spices 14.00 145 Cabbage Salad Salad made of cabbage and carrot 8.00

Special sets Restaurant " Bombaj Masala"

B1 I Menu mięsne dla 2 osób Crispy dumplings stuffed with mutton  Chunks of chicken in 2 different marination from tandoor ovenYoghurt with cut fresh vegetables  Barbecued chicken in creamy tomato-cashewnut gravy Chunks of lamb fried in Indian spices  Steamed basmati rice Basket of Indian breads  Dessert 139.00 B2 II Menu wegetariańskie dla 2 osób Mixed vegetable patties, mild and spicy  Fresh white cheese marinated and baked in a tandoor oven  Yellow lentils fried with onions, tomatoes and chillies  Indian vegetables and paneer cheese fried and served on a hot platter  Yogurt with Fresh vegetables  Cooked basmati rice  Indian bread baked in the tandoor oven  Dessert 129.00 B3 III Menu mieszane dla 4 osób Samphire battered in spicy dough and deep friedMixed vegetable cutletsChunks of chicken marinated in indian spicesMinced mutton kebabChunks of cottage cheese in spinach sauceTandoori chicken in spicy tomato gravyPieces of lamb in coconut - onion gravy with curry leavesShrimps fried with pepper, onion and green chilliYoghurt with cut fresh vegetablesSteamed basmati riceBasket of Indian breadsDessert 265.00