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Available from Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 16.00

L1 Lunch Dnia - Zestaw I Lunch of the Day - Set ICucumber cold soupBaked miruna fish with spinach sauce, couscous, and mixed lettuceDessert - surprise 29.00 L2 Lunch Dnia - Zestaw II Lunch of the Day - Set IICucumber cold soupPenne with chicken and sun-dried tomato in a cream sauceDessert - surprise 29.00 L3 Lunch Dnia - Zestaw III Lunch of the Day - Set IIICucumber cold soupSalad with watermelon and feta cheeseDessert - surprise 29.00 L4 Lunch Dnia - Zestaw IV Lunch of the Day - Set IVCucumber cold soupPizza with blue cheese and spinachDessert - surprise 29.00



1 Krewetki w sosie winno-maślanym z chorizo Prawns in wine-butter sauce with chorizo 38.00 2 Focaccia z rozmarynem Focaccia with rosemary, served with tomato sauce 14.00 3 Focaccia z rozmarynem i szynką parmeńską Foccacia with rosemary and parma ham served with tomato sauce 19.00 4 Bruschetta z krewetkami Bruschetta with shrimps, guacamole and cherry tomatoes 29.00 5 Szparagi z szynką parmeńską Asparagus with Parma ham, poached egg and olives tapenade 32.00 6 Klasyczny tatar Classic beef sirloin tartare 37.00 6a Carpaccio wołowe Beef carpaccio with horseradish mousse, Parmesan cheese and truffle olive oil 39.00 7 Deska serów i wędlin Cheese and cold cuts board 59.00


8 Sałata Cezar z kurczakiem Caesar lettuce with chicken, bacon and Parmesan cheese 30.00 9 Sałata Cezar z krewetkami Caesar lettuce with shrimps, bacon and Parmesan cheese 39.00 10 Sałata z pieczonym kozim serem Salad with baked goat cheese, beetroot, nuts and cranberry dressing 34.00 11 Sałata z pieczonym halibutem Salad with baked halibut, asparagus and egg 35.00


12 Krem z pieczonego kalafiora Baked cauliflower cream with truffle olive oil and Parmesan cheese 19.00 13 Bulion Consommé with homemade dumplings 17.00 14 Chłodnik litewski Lithuanian cold soup 17.00

Main Dishes

18 Burger InFormal z frytkami InFormal Burger with french fries and Aïoli sauce - Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, red onion, mustard and BBQ sauce 33.00 19 Vege Burger z frytkami i sosem Aïoli Vege Burger with french fries and Aïoli sauce goat cheese, vegetable crisps, baked beetroot, mousse avocado, lettuce, cranberry sauce 31.00 20, Dodatek do burgera Addition to the burger: egg or bacon or mozzarella or goat cheese 5.00 21 Orientalne tofu z ryżem jaśminowym Oriental tofu with jasmine rice, vegetable spaghetti, sesame and nuts 35.00 21a Polik wołowy w sosie winnym Beef cheek in wine sauce with truffle purée and seasonal vegetables 49.00 22 Noga kaczki confit Confit duck thigh with mashed potatoes, beetroot salad and cherry sauce 45.00 22a Żeberka wieprzowe Pork ribs with french fries and salad mix 47.00 23 Kotlet schabowy z kością Pork chop with bone, new potatoes and cucumber salad 45.00 24 Pieczona dorada Baked sea bream with french potatoes and seasonal vegetables 55.00 25 Halibut na risotto Halibut on risotto with asparagus and lime sauce 56.00 27 Ravioli borowikowe Porcini muschroom ravioli in truffle sauce with Parmesan cheese 29.00 28 Tagliatelle ze szparagami Tagliatelle with asparagus, cherry tomatoes in butter sauce 32.00 29 Spaghetti nero Spaghetti nero with shrimps in butter emulsion 39.00 30 Risotto ze szparagami Risotto with asparagus and Parmesan cheese 32.00


33 Pizza Margherita Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, Parmesan cheese 19.00 35 Pizza Truflowa Tomato sauce, mascarpone, truffle paste, truffle oil, rucola 30.00 37 Pizza Chorizo Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chorizo, gorgonzola, red onion 32.00 39 Pizza Prosciutto Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, tomatoes, rucola, Parmesan cheese 34.00 40 Pizza Bufala Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mozzarella di Bufala, rucola 38.00 41 Pizza Diavola Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami piccante, basil leaves, chilli, parmesan cheese, pickled peppers 39.00


43 Nemesis z konfiturą wiśniową Chocolate Nemesis cake with cherry confiture and vanilla ice cream 21.00 44 Sernik z białą czekoladą White chocolate cheesecake with fruits and raspberry sorbet 19.00

Additions to dishes

46 Fasolka szparagowa Green bean 10.00 48 Marchewka na maśle z miodem i chili Buttered carrot with honey and chili 8.00 49 Blanszowany szpinak Blanched spinach 8.00 50 Cukinia grillowana z parmezanem Roasted zucchini with parmesan 8.00 51 Mix sałat Mixed salad 8.00 52 Warzywa na parze Steamed vegetables 15.00 53 Ziemniaki puree Mashed potatoes 8.00 55 Frytki domowe Homemade fries with sauce of choice: Aïoli, Barbecue 12.00 56 Ryż jaśminowy Jasmine rice 9.00 57 Dodatkowe pieczywo Extra bread 6.00 58 Masło Butter 2.00 59 Parmezan Parmesan 5.00 60 Mozzarella Mozzarella 5.00


Available from 21/04/21. Orders will be realized ONLY one day in advance

Summer Starters

Orders are realized ONLY one day in advance

A1 Polędwiczki nadziewane Tenderloin stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and ricotta 28.00 A2 Cezar z kurczakiem - zrób to sam Caesar with chicken - do it yourself - Caesar sauce, Parmesan, bacon and 130g chicken 25.00 A3 Cezar z krewetkami - zrób to sam Caesar with prawns - do it yourself - Caesar sauce, Parmesan, bacon and 5 shrimps 32.00 A4 Krewetki 7 szt. - zrób to sam Shrimp 7 pcs. - do it yourself - garlic, hot pepper, wine, butter and parsley 29.00 A5 Pierogi z cielęciną z cebulką 9 szt. Dumplings with veal with onion 9 pcs. 29.00 A6 Pierogi ruskie z cebulką 9 szt. (wege) Russian dumplings with onion 9 pcs. 29.00 A7 Sałatka grecka (vege) Greek salad (vege) 18.00 A8 Grillowana sałatka ziemniaczana 250g (wege) Grilled potato salad (vege) 16.00 A9 Hummus paprykowy 250g (wegan) Pepper hummus 250g (vegan) 12.00

Summer Soups

Orders are realized ONLY one day in advance

A12 Chłodnik litewski 300ml Lithuanian cold soup with egg 300ml 16.00

Summer Main dish

Orders are realized ONLY one day in advance

A15 Polik wołowy Beef cheek, French potatoes, roasted carrots with peas 45.00 A16 Noga kaczki confit Confit duck leg in cherry sauce, with mashed potatoes and beetroot 45.00 A17 Stek z polędwicy wołowej - zrób to sam Beef tenderloin steak 200g, baked carrots and potatoes - do it yourself 65.00 A18 Halibut Halibut with French potatoes and mixed lettuce with beurre blanc sauce 56.00

Summer Marinated meats ready for the gril

Orders are realized ONLY one day in advance

A22 Szaszłyk - polędwiczka wieprzowa i boczek 1szt. Shashlik - pork tenderloin and bacon, onion, mushrooms 1 pc. 13.00 A23 Szaszłyk - drobiowy 1 szt. Shashlik - chicken, zucchini, pepper 1 pc. 12.00 A24 Szaszłyk - marynowane krewetki 1 szt. Shashlik - marinated shrimps, pineapple, zucchini, pepper 1 pc. 16.00 A25 Szaszłyk - tofu 1 szt. Shashlik - tofu, vegetables 1 pc. 12.00 A26 Burger wołowy - zrób to sam Beef burger, roll, vegetables, sauce - do it yourself - 200g beef, roll, vegetables, BBQ sauces and mustard-mayonnaise 33.00 A27 Burger wołowy 200g Beef burger 200g - only meat 15.00 A28 Żeberka marynowane 550g Marinated ribs 550g 39.00 A29 Karkówka marynowana 200g Marinated pork neck 200g 9.00 A30 Skrzydełka marynowane BBQ 1kg Marinated BBQ wings 1 kg 29.00

Summer side dish

Orders are realized ONLY one day in advance

A32 Chleb InFormal InFormal Bread 15.00 A33 Tzatziki 250g Tzatziki 250g 12.00 A34 Sos czosnkowy 250ml Garlic sauce 250ml 10.00 A35 Sos grillowy 250ml Grill sauce 250ml 10.00 A36 Sos BBQ 100ml BBQ sauce 100ml 9.00 A37 Dressing miodowo-musztardowy 100ml Honey-mustard dressing 100ml 8.00 A38 Pesto bazyliowe 100ml Basil pesto 100ml 10.00 A39 Masło ziołowe 100g Herbal butter 100g 8.00

Summer Desserts

Orders are realized ONLY one day in advance

A41 Sernik z białą czekoladą Cheesecake with white chocolate (12 servings) 120.00 A42 Beza z kremem waniliowym i malinami Meringue with vanilla cream and raspberries (12 servings) 120.00 A43 Szarlotka Apple pie (8 servings) 75.00 A44 Tarta z sezonowymi owocami Tart with seasonal fruit (10 servings) 65.00