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Starters And Salads

1 Śledź w Szubie Herring - Baltic herring, roasted beet mousse, lemon mayonnaise, quail egg, new potatoes, marinated shallots, apple caviar, oscypek cheese, pickled cucumber from Hajnówka 34.00 2 Tatar wołowy Beef tatar - seasonal sirloin, mustard emulsion, lovage, shallot, pickled cucumber from Hajnówka, egg yolk 64 ° C 39.00 3 Nóżki w galarecie Feet in jelly - horseradish panna cotta, roasted garlic mousse, mustard, caviar of vinegar, marjoram emulsion 29.00 4 Kozi ser z gruszką Goat cheese with pear - goat cheese in crispy batter, beetroot, lettuce, yogurt with passion fruit, raspberry caviar, pear in red wine, black elderberry jam, caramelized walnuts 29.00 5 Tatar wegetariański Vegetables (zucchini, pepper, eggplant) grilled and marinated in emulsion of baked tomatoes with lovage, green peas hummus, crispy lettuce, cumin chips, herbal oil 29.00

Hot appetizers

7 Pierogi z kaczką Duck dumplings - caramelized cherry, baked parsley mousse, compressed apple, marinated beetroot, marjoram oil, nut powder, fresh thyme sauce 29.00 8 Pierogi ruskie z truflą Cottage cheese, potatoes, white truffle, onion stewed with marjoram, crumble with smoked bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, sour cream 29.00 9 Kaszanka w chrupiącym cieście Black pudding in a crispy batter - spicy cabbage, apple mustard, caramelised onion, thyme sauce with dried cherry, lovage oil 35.00 10 Risotto Risotto - arborio rice, Amber cheese, roasted peppers, stewed leek, Brussels sprouts, fresh lovage, tomatoes 39.00


11 Żurek Żurek - smoked bacon, potatoes, quail egg, bacon chips, marjoram emulsion 22.00 12 Rakowa Cryfish soup - decoction of Masurian crayfish, crayfish necks, saffron, seasonal vegetables, tomatoes, dill 25.00 13 Barszcz czerwony zabielany Red borsch soup - red beets, mashed potato, smoked bacon, cream, blackcurrant 22.00

Main Dishes

15 Dorsz Cod - black lentils with soy sauce, young spinach, baked tomatoes, crunchy topinambur, roasted sesame, saffron sauce 67.00 16 De Vollaile z białą truflą De Vollaile with white truffle - free range chicken breast, white truffle, butter, brussels sprouts, green peas mousse, mashed potatoes 49.00 17 Kotlety mielone Port Patty - Selected pork, carrot-peas mousse , potatoes, baked beets 45.00 18 Golonka Pork knuckle - cabbage with dill, horseradish ice cream, tomatoes, caramelized plum, French mustard dressing, potatoes with marjoram 54.00 19 Polędwica wołowa Beef tenderloin - seasoned beef, baked parsley mousse, potatoes with thyme, vegetables in butter emulsion with lovage, shallots in red wine, bison grass sauce 85.00


25 Szarlotka Apple cake - roasted apples with cinnamon, white chocolate, shortcrust pastry, apple caviar 28.00 26 Ptyś Grand Marnier Ptyś Grand Marnier - crispy cake, vanilla cream with Grand Marnier liqueur, seasonal fruit, chocolate powder, orange and apricot jam 24.00 27 Śliwki z palonym masłem Plums with burnt butter - caramelized plums, crunchy crumble, purple plum tincture 26.00 28 Wiśnie w czekoladzie Cherries in chocolate - chocolate mousse, cherries, salty caramel, white chocolate powder, caramelised nuts 24.00