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Le Cedre Lounge


Z1 Menu Le Cedre Lounge dla 2 osób Menu Le Cedre Lounge for 2 peopleCOLD MEZZAH: Shanklish with 3 flavors, Moutabbal, Hommous, Tabbouleh, Labneh Bel Toum, Kofta Nayeh WARM MEZZAH: Falafel, Rakaik, Hommous Shawarma, Makanik, HalloumiMAIN COURSE with rice: Shish Taouk, Kofta HalabiyehrADDITIONS: Mix grilled vegetables, Toum, Chefs sauceDESSERTS: Ousmallieh, Dates Mamul 189.00 Z2 Menu Le Cedre Lounge dla 3 osób Menu Le Cedre Lounge for 3 people 284.00 Z3 Menu Le Cedre Lounge dla 4 osób Menu Le Cedre Lounge for 4 people 379.00 Z4 Menu Le Cedre Lounge dla 5 osób Menu Le Cedre Lounge for 5 people 474.00 Z5 Menu Le Cedre Lounge dla 6 osób Menu Le Cedre Lounge for 6 people 569.00 Z6 Menu Wegańskie dla 2 osób Vegan Menu for 2 peopleCOLD MEZZAH: Hommous, Babaghanouj, Mdardara, Tabbouleh, Loubieh bil Zeil, Warak Inab WARM MEZZAH: Batata Harra, Falafel, ArnabitMAIN COURSE with rice: Sheikh el Mahshi, Foul Medammas 150.00 Z7 Menu Wegańskie dla 3 osób Vegan Menu for 3 people 222.00 Z8 Menu Wegańskie dla 4 osób Vegan menu for 4 people 292.00 Z9 Menu Wegańskie dla 5 osób Vegan menu for 5 people 360.00 Z10 Menu Wegańskie dla 6 osób Vegan menu for 6 people 426.00 Z11 Menu Wegańskie dla 7 osób Vegan menu for 7 people 490.00

Cold Mezzah

1 Toum Garlic Cream 16.00 2 Khyar bil Laban Cucumber, plain yoghurt, mint and garlic 18.00 3 Mdardara Rice and lentils with roasted onions 16.00 4 Shanklish Spicy homemade cheese, tomato, onion, parsley 18.00 5 Sos Szefa Chefs sauce - Spicy Harissa with tomatoes, onion and parsley 16.00 6 Warak Inab Vine leaves stuffed with rice, herbs and spices 19.00 7 Hommous Chick peas paste 18.00 7a Hommous z młodym imbirem Chick peas paste with young ginger 18.00 7b Hommous z awokado Chick peas paste with avocado 18.00 7c Hommous z burakiem Chick peas paste with beetroot 18.00 7d Hommous Beiruty Chick peas paste with parsley and tomato 18.00 7e Hommous na ostro Spicy Chick peas paste 18.00 8 Tabbouleh National Lebanese Salad based on parsley 22.00 9 Labneh Homemade Lebanese creamy cheese 17.00 10 Labneh Bel Toum Labneh with garlic and lebanese (zaatar) 18.00 11 Kabis Mix of Lebanese pickles 20.00 12 Fatoush Mix of fresh vegetables sprinkled with herbs 22.00 13 Moutabbal Paste of baked eggplants with sesame sauce 20.00 14 Babaghanouj Grilled minced eggplant with vegetables 20.00

Special Mezzah

21 Basterma Slices of homemade dried beef 23.00 22 Krayedis w orientalnym sosie Shrimps in oriental sauce 29.00 23 Kofta Nayeh Lebanese beef tartare with parsley and onion 27.00 24 Makdus Mini eggplants stuffed with nuts and chili pepper 23.00

Warm Mezzah

27 Falafel Fried vegetarian balls and tahina sauce 19.00 28 Kasbeh Chicken liver fried in garlic sauce with pomegranate 18.00 29 Rakaik Puff pastry stuffed with cheese 18.00 30 Batata Harra Fried spicy potatoes 19.00 31 Sambousik Lahme Dumplings stuffed with meat 17.00 32 Foul Medammas Boiled broad beans served with olive and garlic 19.00 33 Fatayer Dumplings stuffed with spinach 17.00 34 Makanik Delicate, Lebanese homemade sausages 19.00 35 Kebbeh Mekliyeh Fried lamb balls with bulgur 18.00 36 Hommous Taouk Hommous with fried chicken 22.00 37 Hommous Lahme Hommous with fried beef 22.00 38 Halloumi Grilled slices of Halloumi cheese 24.00 39 Sejouk Spicy lebanese sausage 20.00


41 Shourbat Addas Lentil cream served with croutons of pita bread and lemon 15.00 42 Shourbat Ghanam Home made broth of lamb with noodles 17.00 43 Shourbat Banadura Tomato cream with basil 15.00 44 Shrimp Bisque Fish soup with shrimps 24.00


48 Samkeh Salmon Grilled salmon fillet served with spicy sauce and grilled vegetables 59.00 49 Octopus in lemon Stewed Octopus in lemon sauce with chickpeas, spinach and warm hummus 68.00 50 Krayedis Fried shrimps with garlic - coriander - butter - lemon sauce served with white rice 59.00

Vegetarian Dishes

54 Chefs Aubergine Eggplant and vegetables baked in aromatic sauce based on tomato and sage served with bulgur salad 37.00 55 Szpinak Stewed spinach with sun-dried tomatoes and feta served on lentils with rice 39.00

Grilled Meat

- served with a choice of: French fries, basmati rice with noodles, grilled vegetables

58 Kafta Halabiyeh Skewers of minced grilled lamb 36.00 59 Kafta Harra Grilled spicy minced lamb skewers 37.00 60 Shish Taouk Grilled chicken skewers 38.00 61 Farrouj Mechwi Grilled fillet and chicken leg 39.00 63 Lamb Burger Lamb burger with caramelized onions, tomato, pickled cucumber and crunchy salad in BBQ sauce with fries 36.00 64 Mashawy Grilled chicken skewers, grilled pork entrecote and kofta with lamb meat 49.00 65 Kastaleta Ghanam Grilled entrecote of lamb 59.00 66 Kousa Mehchi Zucchini stuffed with lamb and rice, stewed in tomato sauce 36.00 67 Kharouf Mehchi Roasted lamb stewed with rice 48.00 69 Steak au Poivre Grilled sirloin fillet, served with pepper sauce, French fries and Taboulleh salad 69.00


72 Dates Mamoul Lebanese cookies stuffed with dates 15.00 73 Chałwa z pistacjami Original Lebanese halva with pistachios 19.00 74 Mouhalabieh Pudding with a hint of rose water and cream, sprinkled with caramelized walnuts 19.00 76 Ousmallieh Thread cake with vanilla cream, topped with a delicate rose syrup and almonds 21.00 77 Baklawa Layers of pastry filled with nuts 16.00 78 Le Cedre Habibi Dessert platter for 2 person: Baklawa, Halawa, Ousmallieh 33.00