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U Szwejka

Cold Appetizers

1 Śledź atlantycki Atlantic herring served with pumpernikel and potato salad 23.00

Hot Appetizers

17 Ser camembert Breaded deep fried camembert with cranberries 25.00


20 Polski rosół Polisch chicken soup 9.00 24 Żurek Polish sour soup with white sausage and hard-boiled egg 15.00


35 Sałatka Grecka Greek salad with cheese and oregano 25.00 36 Sałata Cesarska Caesar salad with croutons and Grana Padano cheese 27.00 37 Sałatka Cesarska z kurczakiem Caesar salad with delicate grilled chicken breast and bacon 27.00


With fries and salad

40 Czechburger Czechburger with breaded gouda cheese 29.00 41 Hamburger Hamburger classic 100% beef burger 33.00 42 Cheesburger Cheesburger with double cheese 34.00 43 Doubleburger No words needed. Just MAX! 39.00 44 Vegeburger 100% made from veggies 35.00

Fish courses

Main Dishes

50 Sznycel jak w Wiedniu Huge schnitzel served with potato salad or french fries 23.00 51 Sur Sznycel Sur Schnitzel 100% cured meat served with potato salad or french fries 26.00 57 Żeberka z grilla z sosem miodowo-orzechowym Pork ribs from the grill in a mild honey-nuts sauce , served with potatoes and fried cabbage 37.00 57a Żeberka z grilla z sosem ostrym BBQ Pork ribs from the grill in a spicy BBQ sauce, served with potatoes and fried cabbage 37.00 59 Pół kaczki pieczonej Half baked duck with apples, hot beetroots and bread dumplings 39.00

Drinks 0,3l

Additions to dishes

70 Młode ziemniaki Young potatoes 6.00 71 Ziemniaki smażone z boczkiem Potatoes fried with bacon 6.00 72 Frytki French fries 6.00 75 Sałatka ziemniaczana Potatoes salad 9.00 76 Sałatka z pomidorów Tomatoes salad 9.00 77 Sałatka Szopska Salad Szopska with Bulgarian cheese 15.00 78 Mizeria Cucumber salad 9.00 79 Sałatka mieszana z sosem vinegrette Mixed salad with vinaigrette 9.00