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Babooshka proposes a culinary journey through Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. We invite you to try traditional Eastern cuisine.
In our restaurants, we propose traditional dishes: pelmeni stuffed with beef, mutton and pork and buckwheat pancakes, which are served hot, with cream, salmon or caviar. It is also worth mentioning a soup of brine and a delicious dish called chinaki, a mutton stewed with vegetables and garlic, which we are proud of.


add delete 1 Śledź z cebulą Herring with onion 0 17.40 add delete 2 Domowy smalec Homemade lard, dark bread, pickled cucumber, pickled onion 0 16.80 add delete 3 Tatar wołowy Beef tartare with side dishes: cucumber, champignons, raw egg, and onion 0 34.80 add delete 4 Szuba - śledź pod pierzynką The famous herring - herring, onion, carrot, potatoes, egg, beetroot, mayonnaise 0 20.40 add delete 5 Tartinki Tartinki - fried toasted bread with red caviar 0 34.90 add delete 6 Naleśniki Pancakes with red caviar 0 36.90 add delete 7 Deska przekąsek Board of snacks - kabanos sausages, grilled chicken, camembert, cheese, olives garlic sauce 0 55.90


add delete 10 Domowy rosół Homemade broth with noodles and parsley 0 13.90 add delete 11 Barszcz ukraiński Traditional ukrainian borsch with beetroot, cabbage, potatoes, beans, onions, carrots, pork 0 16.40 add delete 12 Solianka Traditional Russian meat soup - pork, kabanos sausages, smoked chicken, chicken boiled, olives, pickled cucumber, cream, spices 0 17.90 add delete 13 Zupa sezonowa Seasonal soup 0 14.90


add delete 14 Sałatka Cezar Caesar salad - lettuce, chicken, garlic, mustard, anchovy mayonnaise sauce, honey, Parmesan cheese, croutons, lemon 0 30.80 add delete 15 Sałatka Kaukaska Caucasian salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, peppers, olives, onion, feta, vinaigrette sauce, and spices 0 26.90


Hand-made traditional Russian dumplings with meat stuffing, served in butter with cream, on request in broth

add delete 18 Pielmieni Sybirskie 18 szt. Siberian pielmieni stuffed with pork and beef 18pcs. 0 28.90 add delete 18a Pielmieni Sybirskie 24 szt. Siberian pielmieni stuffed with pork and beef 24pcs. 0 35.80 add delete 19 Pielmieni Dierewieńskie 18 szt. Dierewieńskie pielmieni stuffed with poultry 18 pcs. 0 28.90 add delete 19a Pielmieni Dierewieńskie 24 szt. Dierewieńskie pielmieni stuffed with poultry 24 pcs. 0 35.80 add delete 20 Pielmieni Uzbeckie 18 szt. Uzbek pielmieni stuffed with mutton 18pcs. 0 30.80 add delete 20a Pielmieni Uzbeckie 24 szt. Uzbek pielmieni stuffed with mutton 24 pcs. 0 37.40 add delete 21 MIX Pielmieni 18 szt. MIX Pielmieni 18pcs. 0 30.80 add delete 21a MIX Pielmieni 24 szt. MIX Pielmieni 24 pcs. 0 35.90


Hand-made crescent-shaped dumplings, traditional Ukrainian dish, served with butter and cream

add delete 24 Wareniki jakuckie 14 szt. Yakutian Wareniki with fish stuffing 14pcs. 0 31.70 add delete 24a Wareniki jakuckie 20 szt. Yakutian Wareniki with fish stuffing 20pcs. 0 34.80 add delete 25 Wareniki ukraińskie 14 szt. Ukrainian Wareniki with cabbage and mushrooms 14 pcs. 0 26.80 add delete 25a Wareniki ukraińskie 20 szt. Ukrainian Wareniki with cabbage and mushrooms 20pcs. 0 30.40 add delete 26 Wareniki polskie 14 szt. Polish Wareniki with white cheese, onions and potatoes. 14pcs. 0 27.80 add delete 26a Wareniki polskie 20 szt. Polish Wareniki with white cheese, onions and potatoes. 20pcs. 0 30.40 add delete 27 Wareniki ze szpinakiem i fetą 14 szt. Wareniki with spinach and feta cheese 14 pcs. 0 28.40 add delete 27a Wareniki ze szpinakiem i fetą 20 szt. Wareniki with spinach and feta cheese 20 pcs. 0 33.40 add delete 28 MIX Wareniki ze śmietaną 18 szt. MIX Wareniki with cream 18 pcs. 0 29.90 add delete 28a MIX Wareniki ze śmietaną 24 szt. MIX Wareniki with cream 24 pcs. 0 32.90

Wareniki - sweet version

Hand-made dumplings in the form of a crescent, traditional Ukrainian dish

add delete 29 Wareniki z białym serem 14 szt. Wareniki with cottage cheese 14 pcs. 0 27.80 add delete 29a Wareniki z białym serem 20 szt. Wareniki with cottage cheese 20 pcs. 0 30.40 add delete 30 Wareniki z serem i czekoladą 14 szt. Wareniki with cottage cheese and chocolate 14 pcs. 0 28.80 add delete 30a Wareniki z serem i czekoladą 20 szt. Wareniki with cottage cheese and chocolate 20 pcs. 0 30.80 add delete 31 Wareniki z jagodami, malinami 14 szt. Wareniki with blueberries, raspberries 14 pcs. 0 29.80 add delete 31a Wareniki z jagodami, malinami 20 szt. Wareniki with blueberries, raspberries 20 pcs. 0 34.40


A large dumpling fried in oil

add delete 32 Czeburek z mięsem wieprzowym Cheburek with pork meat 0 28.40 add delete 33 Czeburek z serem żółtym i ziołami Cheburek with cheese and herbs 0 28.40 add delete 34 Czeburek z mięsem wieprzowym i serem Cheburek with pork meat and cheese 0 30.40

Buckwheat pancakes

Traditional pancakes made of wheat and buckwheat flour)

add delete 36 Bliny gryczane ze śmietaną Buckweat pancakes with sour cream 0 20.80 add delete 37 Bliny gryczane z łososiem i śmietaną Buckhweat pancakes with salmon and cream 0 30.80 add delete 38 Bliny gryczane z kawiorem i śmietaną Buckhweat pancakes with salmon and caviar 0 36.80 add delete 39 Bliny gryczane z łososiem, kawiorem i śmietaną Buckhweat pancakes with salmon, caviar and cream 0 39.80


Popular Belarusian potato pancakes (5 pcs).

add delete 41 Draniki z karkówką i śmietaną Draniki with pork neck and cream 0 29.80 add delete 42 Draniki z sosem pieczarkowym i śmietaną Draniki with mushroom sauce and cream 0 28.80 add delete 43 Draniki z łososiem wędzonym Draniki with smoked salmon 0 30.80 add delete 44 Draniki ze śmietaną Draniki with sour cream 0 27.80

Meat and fish dishes

add delete 45 Kotleta Carski Pork roasted in the oven with cheese and mushrooms, served with baked potatoes and salad. 0 37.90 add delete 46 Kotleta Bohatyrski Breaded pork loin, tomatoes, cheese, potatoes, and salad 0 37.90 add delete 47 Czynaki z baraniną Mutton stew baked in the oven, grilled vegetables: onion, carrot, potatoes, eggplant, garlic, beans, and tomato sauce 0 48.90 add delete 48 Zawijaniec Pork in its own sauce 0 37.90 add delete 48a Tradycyjne gołąbki Traditional cabbage rolls in tomato sauce 0 30.80 add delete 49 Kurczak grillowany w sosie bazyliowym Chicken breast, basil sauce, rice, and salad 0 36.90 add delete 50 Pstrąg smażony Fried trout served with boiled potatoes, broccoli with butter 0 37.90 add delete 51 Łosoś grillowany Grilled salmon fillet served with boiled vegetables and potatoes 0 38.90


add delete 52 Kawior czerwony Red caviar 0 35.90 add delete 53 Surówka Additional salad 0 9.90 add delete 54 Ogórki kiszone Pickled cucumbers 0 6.90 add delete 55 Grzanki z czosnkiem Toasted bread with garlic 0 9.90 add delete 56 Kasza gryczana Buckwheat 0 7.90 add delete 57 Ryż Rice 0 8.90 add delete 58 Ziemniaki Potatoes 0 8.90 add delete 59 Frytki French fries 0 9.90


add delete 61 Syrniczek Cottage cheese pancake served with powdered sugar and glaze 0 14.90 add delete 62 Blińczyk na słodko z polewą Sweet classic Russian pancake with glaze 0 10.80 add delete 63 Blińczyk na słodko z białym serem Sweet classic Russian pancake with cottage cheese 0 15.90 add delete 64 Blińczyk na słodko z prażonymi jabłkami Sweet classic Russian pancake with roasted apples 0 15.90 add delete 65 Szarlotka Apple pie 0 19.80

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