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Kanapa is a modern restaurant of the new Ukrainian cuisine in Warsaw.
Every months Kanapa team travels to different parts of Ukraine and Poland looking for new local products, reinvents authentic culinary approaches and applies innovative technologies to create brilliant dishes.
Tasting set is the way to represent our philosophy: mussels on the rocks, oyster cream mousse, stuffed Jerusalem artichoke... For each dish we offer a drink for the best food-pairing experience.
In the a la carte menu you’ll find familiar recipes in a completely new interpretation: black dumplings, liver of guinea fowl pate, foie gras with jelly of apple kvass ...
The history of "Kanapa" began in 2013 – when a restaurant with that name was opened in Kyiv. It was the first restaurant in the country that developed the concept of a new Ukrainian cuisine, collaborated with local farmers and applied the techniques of molecular gastronomy.

Cold Appetizers

add delete 2 Ostrygi 1 szt. Oyster (1 pcs) with lemon 0 9.00 add delete 3 Ostrygi 6 szt. Oysters (6 pcs) with lemon 0 54.00 add delete 4 Ostrygi 12 szt. Oysters (12 pcs) with lemon 0 99.00 add delete 5 Ostryga 1 szt. z kawiorem z jesiotra Oyster (1 pcs) with sturgeon caviar, bread and butter 0 25.00 add delete 6 Kawior z jesiotra Sturgeon caviar with bread and butter 30g 0 149.00 add delete 8 Kawior ze szczupaka Pike caviar with bread and butter. 30g 0 25.00 add delete 9 Śledź na sosie kolendrowym Herring fillet on cilantro sauce. 170g 0 24.00 add delete 11 Tatar z łososia z guacamole Salmon tartare with guacamole. 120g 0 29.00 add delete 14 Tatar wołowy Beef tartare and pike caviar. 100g 0 29.00 add delete 15 Pasztet z wątróbki drobiowej Duck and chicken liver pate with carrot mousse. 100g 0 19.00 add delete 16 Foie gras Foie gras marinated in white wine. 70g 0 29.00 add delete 17 Galareta z królika Rabbit aspic with horseradish and mustard. 100g 0 19.00 add delete 20 Warzywa kiszone Pickled vegetables. 240g 0 15.00 add delete 21 Hummus z kuminem, chili i oliwą Humus with cumin, chili and olive oil. 100g 0 16.00 add delete 22 Sałatka - Ser burrata z młodym szpinakiem Salad - Burrata cheese with young spinach, beetroot, pickled pumpkin, walnuts and pesto. 200g 0 29.00 add delete 23 Trzy rodzaje serów Three kinds of cheese with homemade jam. 100g 0 22.00

Hot Appetizers

add delete 28 Hałuszki z policzkami cielęcymi Halushky with veal cheeks in creamy sauce. 160g 0 30.00 add delete 29 Gołąbki z jagnięciną Cabbage rolls with lamb and millet. 160g 0 24.00 add delete 30 Stek foie gras z karmelizowaną gruszką Foie gras steak with caramelised pear and cherry-wine sauce. 120g 0 44.00


add delete 40 Barszcz czerwony z uszami wieprzowymi Ukrainian borsch with pork ears, prunes, smoked pear and pampushki. 300g 0 29.00 add delete 41 Bulion z grzybów leśnych Mushroom broth. 300g 0 29.00

Dumplings - starters

add delete 45 Czarne pierogi z sandaczem Black varenyky with zander and smoked bacon. 140g 0 29.00 add delete 46 Pierogi z królikiem Varenyky with rabbit and hazelnuts. 140g 0 25.00 add delete 47 Pierogi z ogonem wołowym Varenyky with bull tales. 140g 0 25.00 add delete 48 Pierogi z podwójnym nadzieniem Varenyky with double filling (potato and mushrooms). 140g 0 22.00

Main dishes - Fish

add delete 54 Sandacz z mięsem raków i małżami Zander with crayfish meat and mussels, fried or steamed. 200g 0 45.00 add delete 55 Ośmiornica smażona Fried octopus with baked potatoes and smoked paprika sauce. 200g 0 56.00 add delete 57 Jesiotr smażony Fried sturgeon with pea puree and cheese sauce. 180g 0 52.00

Main Dishes - Meat

add delete 60 Chicken Kyiv Fillet in crunchy breading with potato puree and truffle oil. 190g 0 42.00 add delete 61 Pierś kaczki Duck breast with pumpkin purée and cherry-wine sauce (baked in pink). 200g 0 44.00 add delete 63 Żeberka jagnięce grillowane Grilled rack of lamb with pumpkin puree and mushroom saute served with vegetables. 220g 0 72.00


add delete 68 Сiasto bezowe Meringue cake 0 18.00 add delete 69 Sernik Galicyjski Galician cheesecake. 120g 0 20.00 add delete 70 Miodownik Honey pie. 120g 0 18.00 add delete 71 Deser chałwowy Halva dessert. 120g 0 20.00 add delete 73 Pierogi z wiśnią Varenyky with cherry. 140g 0 22.00

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