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Nowina is a unique place on the wine map of Warsaw, where in one space there is a wine bar, a restaurant, a wine shop, a vintage gallery and a corkscrew museum. This is the result of our passion for good design, quality wine and tasty food. By creating the News, we have used a wealth of experience in each of the areas that cross in Nowinie, because the place is run by a family of wine enthusiasts - Stefania and Paulina Cybulski and father Jarosław Cybulski, importing quality wines to Poland for almost thirty years. The design was carried out by Piotr Płoski from the smallna design studio, who was awarded the prestigious A'Design Awards for the design and implementation of the interior of Nowiny. The whole is complemented by Arkadiusz Janczarek's authorial, seasonal cuisine - a member of the Slow Food Polska Association and a multiple defender of the Michelin double cutlery. We wanted to create a place that enjoyed the eye, nose and mouth. A place where good quality goes hand in hand with a unique, casual atmosphere.

Snacks & starters:

add delete 2 Mix oliwek hiszpańskich: Mix of Spanish olives: green, black, purple 0 21.00 add delete 3 Risotto z kalafiora GF Cauliflower risotto with snap peas and pumpkin 0 30.00 add delete 4 Carpaccio wołowe z suszonymi pomidorami Beef carpaccio with sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan and truffle olive oil 0 44.00 add delete 5 Tatar z peklowanego pstrąga GF Pickled trout tartar with wasabi mayonnaise and salad 0 34.00


add delete 7 Gazpacho z krewetką GF Gazpacho with shrimp and chopped pepper 0 20.00 add delete 8 Krem z zielonego groszku GF Green pea cream with creme fraîche and buckwheat popcorn 0 18.00


add delete 11 Sałata z krewetkami GF Salad with tiger prawns and squid 0 46.00 add delete 12 Sałata z tostowanym halloumi, GF Toasted halloumi salad with fresh fig and seasonal 0 35.00

Main courses

add delete 16 VEGE Gnocchi w sosie szafranowym Gnocchi in saffron sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and spinac 0 35.00 add delete 18 Burger wołowy Beef burger with Caesar sauce served with French fries 0 41.00 add delete 19 Burger z karmazynem Redfish burger with Caesar sauce served with French fries 0 41.00 add delete 20 Risotto z kurkami i grana padano Risotto with chanterelles and grana padano 0 40.00 add delete 21 Stek z polędwicy wołowej ze smażoną sałatą rzymską Beef sirloin steak with fried romaine lettuce, French roasted potatoes and whiskey demi-glace sauce 0 91.00 add delete 22 Curry na mleku kokosowym GF Vegetable curry with coconut milk and buckwheat noodles soba 0 34.00 add delete 23 Sandacz z czarną soczewicą, GF Zander with black lentils, hollandaise sauce with pepper, snap peas and cherry tomatoes 0 51.00 add delete 24 Policzek wołowy z puree ziemniaczanym z gorczycą GF Beef cheek served with potato purée with mustard seeds, seasonal vegetables and grilled bok choy 0 44.00

Cheese i ham plates

add delete 30 Talerz szynek włoskich(120g) Italian cold cuts plate (120g) 0 41.00 add delete 31 Talerz szynek hiszpańskich (120g) Spanish cold cuts plate (120g) 0 41.00 add delete 32 Mix 3 rodzajów serów (120g) Mix of 3 kind of cheese (120g) 0 41.00 add delete 33 Mix serów i szynek dojrzewających (120g) Mix of different kinds of cheese and ham (120g) 0 41.00

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