Restaurant Polish

U Fukiera

Rynek Starego Miasta 27

Today, the restaurant "U Fukiera" is a living image, painted by Magda Gessler. The harmoniously defined form delights here with the taste, smell, color and sound as well as the interior design. This place not only encourages you to look at it as a work of art, but discreetly provokes participation in the spectacle together with your guests. The exquisite art of creating anew here every day, crossing the boundaries of the old bourgeois aesthetics, and the main actors are guests who visit us in search of more than just taste sensations.


add delete 1 Pasztet z dziczyzny Venison pate baked here with marinades and horseradish 0 36.00 add delete 2 Tatar ze śledzia Herring tartare with pickles and hard-boiled country eggs, with bread 0 39.00 add delete 3 Deska polskich, kozich serów Board of Polish goat cheeses for two, for wine and more 0 60.00 add delete 4 Kołduny litewskie Lithuanian dumplings on butter 0 35.00 add delete 5 Pierogi z mlecznej cielęciny Milk veal dumplings with cracklings 0 41.00 add delete 6 Pierogi ruskie z siekaną miętą Russian dumplings with chopped mint and real country cream 0 36.00 add delete 7 Pierogi z kaczką Dumplings with duck, whole apple, goat cheese, nuts 0 43.00

Soups in jars

add delete 10 Żur na prawdziwkach czysty Plain Sour rye soup 0.9l jar 0 45.00 add delete 11 Żur na prawdziwkach z białą kiełbasą Sour rye soup with white sausage 0.9l jar 0 50.00 add delete 12 Barszcz czerwony jak rubin Red borscht like ruby 0.9l jar 0 45.00 add delete 14 Rosół na wielu mięsach, czysty Broth on many meats, clean 0.9l jar 0 49.00 add delete 15 Flaki po warszawsku z pulpetami cielęcymi Warsaw style tripe with veal meatballs 0 50.00 add delete 16 Solianka Magdy Gessler Solianka Magda Gessler jar 0.9l 0 50.00

And for the second

add delete 19 Łosoś różowy Pink salmon grilled with young vegetables 0 69.00 add delete 20 Kotleciki cielęce z kostką Veal cutlets with cubes with potatoes and cucumber salad 0 87.00 add delete 21 Udziec z mlecznej cielęciny Leg of veal with Silesian dumplings and vegetables from water 0 87.00 add delete 22 Kaczka Very Polish duck with baked apple, whole half (nonsliced) 0 99.00 add delete 23 Kotlet schabowy Pork chop with cabbage, for the entire pan 0 62.00 add delete 24 Jeleń w runie leśnym A deer in the undergrowth with pearl barley and beetroots full of cranberries 0 79.00

And finally, delicious and sweet

add delete 27 Rubinowa szarlotka zapieczona bezą Ruby apple pie baked with meringue with cinnamon and thats it 0 28.00 add delete 28 Sernik z Krakowa Cheesecake from Krakow on the way to Vienna 0 29.00

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