Mini Delicatessen

add delete D1 Granola kokos & czekolada 420g Granola coconut & chocolate 420g 0 37.00 add delete D2 Granola hibiscus & migdał 420g Granola hibiscus & almond 420g 0 37.00 add delete D3 Domowe masło orzechowe - słone orzechy ziemne 220g Homemade peanut butter - salty peanuts 220g 0 30.00 add delete D4 Domowe masło orzechowe - nerkowce & kokos 220g Homemade peanut butter - cashews & coconut 220g 0 30.00 add delete D5 Domowe masło orzechowe - migdały & cynamon 220g Homemade peanut butter - almonds & cinnamon 220g 0 30.00 add delete D6 Domowe masło orzechowe - orzechy laskowe & kakao 220g Homemade peanut butter - hazelnuts & cocoa 220g 0 30.00 add delete D7 Chrupki - słone 250g Raw food crisps - salty, baked at 42 degrees 250g 0 24.00 add delete D8 Chrupki - burak marchew cebula pietruszka cytryna siemie 250g Raw food crisps - beetroot, carrot, onion, parsley, lemon, seeds - baked at 42 degrees 250g 0 24.00 add delete D9 Domowy roślinny majonez 220ml Homemade vegetable mayonnaise 220ml 0 14.00 add delete D10 Mieszanki do parzenia na zdrowie 200g Brewing mixtures for health 200g 0 45.00 add delete D11 Mieszanki do parzenia na dzień dobry 200g Brew mixes for good morning 200g 0 45.00 add delete D12 Mieszanki do parzenia na wieczór 200g Brew mixes for the evening 200g 0 45.00 add delete D13 Mieszanki do parzenia na wzmocnienie 200g Brew mixes for strengthening 200g 0 45.00 add delete D15 Kimchi 220g GF Homemade kimchi with spring onions and carrots, a natural probiotic that will spice up any dish, packed in a glass jar 220g 0 13.00 add delete D16 Daktella 220g GF Hot vegan chocolate from dates with bitter cocoa with a bit of cinnamon and sea salt, in a glass jar 220g 0 13.00 add delete D18 Wegański Popcorn Serowy Vegan cheese popcorn, 200g package 0 14.00 add delete D19 Krem ciasteczkowy z cynamonem Cookie cream with cinnamon, 220ml glass jar 0 20.00 add delete D20 Dżem Pigwowy Quince jam, 300ml glass jar 0 12.00 add delete D21 Naturalne chipsy bananowe 50g Natural banana chips 50g, naturally dried bananas at 42 degrees, no added fat, sugar or sulfur 0 12.00


add delete 1 Burrata GF Burrata - fennel, oranges, olive oil, dried tomato 0 26.00 add delete 2 Chałka Challah - green asparagus, white bean paste, goat cheese OR vegan feta, almonds 0 26.00 add delete 3 Spring rollsy GF Spring rolls with red cabbage, carrot, mint, cilantro and basil served with peanut and tahini sauce. Vegan dish. 0 24.00


add delete 8 Zupa dnia GF Soup of the day. Vegan dish. 0 20.00 add delete 9 Chłodnik GF Soup with cream served cold - chard, young beetroot, sour milk, buttermilk, kefir, radish, poached egg 0 22.00


add delete 11 Zielone cytrynowe szparagi Green lemon asparagus - quinoa, chickpeas, sheep OR vegan feta, parsley, young spinach, caramelized red onion, coriander and horseradish sauce 0 32.00 add delete 12 Smażone żółte pomidory Fried yellow tomatoes - burrata, rhubarb, chopped almonds, green peppercorns, miso carrot sauce, fried challah 0 33.00

Main dishes

add delete 14 Wegańskie pierogi ruskie Vegan Russian dumplings - young carrots, smoked tofu, natural soyoghurt 0 34.00 add delete 17 Super bowl Super bowl - ginger brown rice, tempeh, roasted kohlrabi, edamame, cucumber, spring onions, raw peanuts, black sesame sauce, grated yolk, baked sweet potato 0 38.00 add delete 18 Nie mielony (wegańskie) Vegan minced soy chop with fried beets, new potatoes and parsley. 0 35.00 add delete 19 Mango curry GF Mango curry - jackfruit, carrot, sweet potato, peanut butter, coriander, oatmeal, sambal 0 36.00 add delete 20 Boczniaki z patelni (wegańskie) GF Oyster mushrooms from the pan served with roasted potatoes, green beans, radish, chicory, wine caramel, sour cream OR vegan mayonnaise of your choice 0 36.00 add delete 21 Pierogi ruskie Russian dumplings with young carrots, smoked tofu, sour cream 0 34.00 add delete 22 Dan Dan noodles Dan Dan noodles - no minced meat, chilli oil, spring onions, mustard leaves, bok choy, cashews 0 39.00 add delete 23 Burger z nie skrzydełkami Burger oyster oat flakes, matured cheddar OR vegan cheddar, lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce, yeast cake, French fries 0 36.00


add delete 25 Sernik z białej czekolady GF Cheesecake made of white chocolate with on a cookie bottom with roasted butter, served with hibiscus flower and seasonal fruit 0 27.00 add delete 26 Karmelowa panna cotta GF Caramel panna cotta - strawberries, coconut, whipped cream, almonds 0 27.00

Hot Drinks

add delete N0 Daktella - wegańska czekolada na ciepło 330 ml GF Daktella - hot vegan chocolate, from dates with bitter cocoa a hint of cinnamon and sea salt. To choose from soy, oat or cow milk 0 14.00

Soft drinks

add delete N1 Cisowianka perlage 0,7l Cisowianka perlage 0,7l 0 13.00 add delete N2 Cisowianka perlage 0,33l Cisowianka perlage 0,33l 0 7.00 add delete N3 Cisowianka niegazowana 0,7l Cisowianka still water 0,7l 0 13.00 add delete N4 Cisowianka niegazowana 0,33l Cisowianka still water 0,33l 0 7.00 add delete N7 Tapache Tapache - fermented pineapple refreshment beverege 0 17.00 add delete N10 Koktajl - banan, truskawka Smoothie - Banana, Strawberry, Soy Milk OR Oat Milk, OR Cow Milk 0 18.00 add delete N11 Koktajl - marchew, mango Smoothie - carrot, mango, apple, ginger 0 18.00 add delete N12 Koktajl - szpinak, kiwi Cocktail - spinach, kiwi, cucumber, celery 0 19.00 add delete N13 Lemoniada cytrynowa z melisą Lemon lemonade with lemon balm 0 17.00

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