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Zielony Niedźwiedź

ul. Smolna 4

Zielony Niedźwiedź is the simplest and at the same time the richest form of modern cuisine.
The simplest, because our culinary technique is entirely subordinated to seasonal flavors while showing the quality of the products used. The richest, because we treat the quality of products uncompromisingly. We buy meat only from known breeders, as well as preserves, juices and honey.

Put on the grill and do it yourself.

Dishes for prepare on the grill. For all positions include instructions how to grill.


add delete 1 Tatar z polędwicy wołowej z majonezem lubczykowym Beef tartar with mayonnaise with lovage, French mustard, almonds, chanterelles, cucumber and onions 0 39.00 add delete 2 Kacze foie gras Duck foie gras with challah, red wine sauce, pistachio and baked onion 0 56.00 add delete 3 Smażone borowiki Fried boletus with roasted sauerkraut and cowberry 0 46.00 add delete 4 Terrina z kaczki Duck terrine with pear, sunflower seeds and pickled onion 0 28.00 add delete 6 Wybór polskich wędlin Platter of Polish cold cuts 0 55.00 add delete 7 Wybór polskich serów zagrodowych The Polish farmed cheeses with jam 0 55.00


add delete 10 Zupa rybna Fish soup 0 32.00

Main Dishes

add delete 14 Polędwica wołowa Beef sirloin steak with mashed potatoes, boletus, curly kale and cowberry 0 95.00 add delete 15 Jagnięcina z babką ziemniaczaną, Shoulder of lamb with potato cake, paprika, cranberry, pumpkin and scorzonera 0 82.00 add delete 16 Polik wołowy z puree ziemniaczanym, Beef cheek with potato puree, bay boletus, red cabbage mousse and Jerusalem artichoke 0 68.00 add delete 17 Łosoś bałtycki z kasza jaglaną, Baltic salmon with herbal black lentils, sugar peas and plum in chamomile 0 75.00 add delete 18 Ser koryciński z ziemniakami, Korycinski cheese with potatoes, roasted tomatoes, pickled onion and pumpkin seeds 0 46.00


add delete 22 Kremowy sernik Creamy cheesecake 0 23.00

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