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Experienced cooks specialize in kitchen regions of Sichuan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, creating an unforgettable experience smakowe.Zachęcamy to enjoy authentic Pork Hui Guo, after syczuańsku Beef, Pasta Chow Mien, Bok Choy with mushrooms and chicken Kou Siu.


add delete 1 Shao Mai Huang 3 szt. Steamed dumplings stuffed with pork and shrimp 3 psc 0 14.80 add delete 2 Pierogi Guo Tie 6 szt. Grilled dumplings 6 psc 0 16.50 add delete 3 Pierogi Shui Jiao 6 szt. Boiled dumplings 6 psc 0 15.00 add delete 4 Rolada po kantońsku 3 szt. Crispy rolls stuffed with meat and vegetables 3 psc 0 9.90 add delete 5 Sałatka pikantna Salad of cabbage, marinated with chili 0 9.90 add delete 6 Ogórek z czosnkiem Cucumber with garlic 0 9.90 add delete 7 Canton salad Salad of cabbage with garlic and sesame oil 0 9.90 add delete 8 Wołowina a la maison Cold dried beef in soy sauce with garlic 0 34.00 add delete 9 Smażony WunTun 8 szt. Small fried dumplings stuffed with pork 8 psc 0 9.50 add delete 9a Bułki na parze 3 szt. Steamed bun with pork filling 3 psc 0 15.00 add delete 10 Rolada ryżowa na parze z krewetkami 4 szt. Steamed rice roulade with shrimps 4 pcs. 0 25.00 add delete 10a Rolada ryżowa na parze z wołowiną 4 szt. Steamed rice roulade with beef 4pcs. 0 25.00 add delete 10b Rolada ryżowa na parze z kiełkami 4 szt. Steamed rice roulade with sprouts 4 pcs. 0 25.00 add delete 11 Sałata Kimchi Kimchi salad 0 12.90 add delete 11a Sałata ze szpinakiem Salad with spinach and soy noodles 0 14.90 add delete 12a Chrupiące żabie udka 4 szt. Fried Bullfrogs leg with almond 4 pcs 0 29.00 add delete 12c Chrupiący kalmar 5szt. Crunchy kalmar 5pcs. baked in batter 0 15.00


add delete 13 Zupa pikantno- kwaśna Spicy sour soup 0 9.90 add delete 13a Zupa Tom Yum Tom Yum soup 0 16.90 add delete 14 Ramen z wieprzowina Cha Siu Ramen with pork Cha Siu 0 35.00 add delete 14a Ramen z warzywami Ramen with vegetables 0 29.00 add delete 15 Zupa z pomidorami i jajkiem Tomatoes egg soup 0 9.90 add delete 16 Zupa WunTun WunTun soup 0 9.90 add delete 17 Zupa z owoców morza Seafood soup 0 14.90 add delete 17a Zupa z tofu, kapustą pekińską Tofu soup with Chinese cabbage and soya noodles 0 9.90 add delete 18 Zupa z makaronem sojowym Soup with meat balls and soya noodles 0 10.50 add delete 18a Zupa z kaczki z bambusem Duck soup with bamboo [ 0 13.90

Poultry dishes

add delete 19 XiangGuo kurczak Slightly spicy fried chicken from wok with Chinese beans 0 35.00 add delete 20 Kurczak słodko-kwaśny bez panierki Sweet and sour chicken 0 32.00 add delete 21a Kurczak w sosie curry Chicken curry sauce 0 35.00 add delete 20a Chrupiący kurczak z sosem słodko-kwaśnym w panierce Crispy chicken with sweet and sour sauce in batter 0 32.00 add delete 21 Kurczak po syczuańsku Spicy Sichuan chicken with vegetables 0 32.00 add delete 22 Kurczak Gong Bao Slightly Spicy and sour chicken with pine nuts 0 34.00 add delete 23a Kaczka z sosem śliwkowym Duck with plum sauce 0 48.00 add delete 24 Kaczka po syczuańsku The slices of sichuan duck brest in spicy sauce with vegetables 0 48.00

Meat dishes

add delete 26 Wieprzowina po syczuańsku Sichuan pork in a spicy sauce with vegetables 0 32.00 add delete 26a Wieprzowina Jing Jiang Pork Jing Jiang 0 38.00 add delete 27 Chrupiąca wieprzowina słodko – kwaśna Crispy sweet and sour pork 0 33.00 add delete 29 Wołowina z czosnkiem Beef with garlic 0 35.00 add delete 30 Trzy rodzaje mięs Three kinds of meat: Chicken, pork and beef in a mild soy sauce with ginger and vegetables 0 35.00 add delete 31 Osiem skarbów na ostro Spicy Eight Treasures
Chicken, pork and beef in spicy soy sauce with ginger and vegetables, whole sprinkled with nuts
0 35.00
add delete 32 Wołowina Tie Ban Tie Ban Beef with vegetables 0 35.00 add delete 33 Wieprzowina Yu Xiang Pork strips in spicy sauce, based on a Chinese vinegar 0 35.00

Fish and Seafood

add delete 34 Ryba słodko-kwaśna Whole fish (trout or cod) in sweet and sour sauce 0 45.00 add delete 35 Krewetki po syczuańsku 10 szt. Sichuan prawns 10pcs. (size 16/20) in spicy sauce with vegetables 1 0 46.00 add delete 37 Półmisek z krewetkami 10 szt. Grilled shrimp 10 pcs. (size 16/20) with garlic 0 46.00 add delete 38 Halibut na parze 250 g Steamed Halibut with ginger and soy sauce 0 45.00 add delete 39a Krewetki smażone z sezamem 8szt. Fried prawns with sesame 8pcs 0 46.00 add delete 39g Smażone krewetki koktajlowe w delikatnym sosie z orzechami nerkowca Fried cocktail shrimp in a delicate cashew nut sauce 0 45.00

Vegetable dishes

add delete 40 Mapo Tofu Fried tofu from wok in a spicy sauce topped with minced pork 0 32.00 add delete 41 Bakłażan Yu Xiang Eggplant in a spicy sauce with ginger and Chinese vinegar 0 33.00 add delete 42 Szpinak w sosie czosnkowym Spinach in garlic sauce 0 32.00 add delete 43 Warzywa Cztery skarby Four treasures vegetables
 Carrots, beans, corn cob and broccoli in a delicate sauce
0 28.00
add delete 44 Tofu z mięsem a la Maison Fried tofu with vegetables and pork 0 32.00 add delete 45 Mieszane warzywa Buddha Mix vegetables from the wok with a bit of soy pasta 0 34.00


add delete 46 Ryż 100g Jasmine rice 0 6.90 add delete 47 Ryż pieczony z jajkiem i warzywami Fried rice with egg and vegetables 0 17.00 add delete 48 Ryż pieczony z wieprzowiną Fried rice with pork 0 22.90 add delete 48a Ryż pieczony z kurczakiem Fried rice with chicken 0 22.90 add delete 48b Ryż pieczony z wołowiną Fried rice with beef 0 22.90 add delete 48c Ryż pieczony z krewetkami Fried rice with shrimps 0 22.90


add delete 49 Vega Chow Mien Wheat noodles from wok with vegetables 0 17.00 add delete 50 Dan DanMakaron Wheat noodles in a marinade of sesame oil and chili, sprinkled with minced pork 0 15.50 add delete 51 Smażony makaron sojowy Fried soya noodles 0 22.90 add delete 53 Makaron pieczony z wieprzowiną Wheat noodles with chunks of pork and vegetables 0 22.90 add delete 53a Makaron pieczony z kurczakiem Wheat noodles with pieces of chicken 0 22.90 add delete 53b Makaron pieczony z wołowiną Wheat noodles with chunks of beef 0 22.90 add delete 53c Makaron pieczony z krewetkami Wheat noodles with prawns 0 22.90


add delete 54 Bułka na parze z kremem z owoców 2 szt. Steamed bun with fruit cream 0 12.00 add delete 55 Banany w cieście Pieces of fried banana in dough 0 12.00 add delete 56 Chińskie pączki 5 szt. Sesame balls stuffed with black beans 0 14.00 add delete 58 Pudding z lychee Cold pudding with pieces of lychee fruit 0 12.00

Cold Appetizers

add delete W1 KouShui kurczak The slices of chicken leg with the bone in a very hot decoction of sesame oil and chili 0 34.00 add delete W3 Sałatka z meduzy The slices of Jellyfish with cucumber and Chinese vinegar 0 58.00 add delete W5 Flaczki w sosie pikantnym Beef tripe in a spicy sauce 0 34.00 add delete W7 Pikantna sałatka z wołowiną Beef spicy salad 0 34.00 add delete W9 Smażone orzeszki ziemne Fried peanuts 0 22.00 add delete W10 Morskie wodorosty na ostro Spicy kelp 0 22.00 add delete W11 Sałatka z Grzybów Mun Salad with Mun - Delicate spicy mun mushrooms with garlic and soy sauce and Chinese vinegar 0 33.00 add delete W12 Marynowane jajka z zieloną papryką Pickled long-preserved ducks eggs with green paprika 0 33.00

Hot dishes

add delete W15 Wołowina w ostrym sosie Beef in spicy sauce 0 59.00 add delete W20 Smażona baranina z cebulą Fried lamb with onion 0 62.00 add delete W21 Gan Bian Fei Chang Crispy and spicy fried beef tripe 0 48.00 add delete W22 Zi Ran baranina Fried lamb haunch meat with onion 0 62.00 add delete W60 Boczek Hui Guo Spicy bacon of wok with paprika and onion 0 46.00 add delete W62 Bi Feng Tang kurczak Bi Feng Tang - Fried meat from chicken wings served with Chinese bread 0 48.00 add delete W64 Pikantny garnek Fried seafood and meet slices of beef with lotus in spicy floods 0 59.00 add delete W66 Xinjiang kurczak (mała porcja) Xinjiang chicken small portion
Braised pieces of chicken legs in spicy sauce with wheat noodles and potatoes
0 48.00
add delete W66a Xinjiang kurczak (duża porcja) Xinjiang chicken big portion
 Braised pieces of chicken legs in spicy sauce with wheat noodles and potatoes
0 68.00
add delete W67 Kaczka w piwie na ostro Duck with bones stewed in sauce with addition of beer 0 48.00 add delete W68 Smażona wołowina z chrupkami ryżowymi Fried beef in wok with Chinese wine with chili and rice crisps 0 48.00 add delete W69 Xiao Chao wołowina Fried beef with Muer mushrooms and Chinese vinegar 0 48.00


add delete W39 Hong Shao Tofu Mild tofu in a dark soy sauce with carrots, peas and shitake mushrooms 0 32.00 add delete W41 Hong Siu bakłażan Slightly sweet eggplant in a dark sauce with a hint of vegetables 0 34.00 add delete W42 Sałata lodowa a la Maison Iceberg lettuce fried with garlic 0 32.00 add delete W43 Brokuły w sosie czosnkowym Broccoli in garlic sauce 0 32.00 add delete W44 Smażone jarzyny sezonowe Fried seasonal vegetables 0 32.00 add delete W45 Smażone ziemniaki Slightly fried potatoes strips 0 34.00

Fish and seafood

add delete W27 Duszona ryba na ostro 500g Stir carp or grass carp in spicy sauce (according to availability) 0 68.00 add delete W27a Duszona ryba na ostro 1000g Stir carp or grass carp in spicy sauce (according to availability) 0 128.00 add delete W28 Duszona ryba w sosie kwaśnym 500g Stir carp or grass carp in sour sauce (according to availability) 0 68.00 add delete W28a Duszona ryba w sosie kwaśnym 1000g Stir carp or grass carp in sour sauce (according to availability) 0 128.00 add delete W31 Przegrzebki na parze 1 szt Steamed Scallops 1 pcs with garlic and soya noodels 0 25.00

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