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Hygge 2

ul. Grzybowska 81

... just hygge ... that is cozy, good food, the best coffee in the city and the endless joy of life in the Copenhagen-Warsaw edition ...


Available all day

add delete S1 BAJGIEL Z WĘDZONYM ŁOSOSIEM Bagel with smoked salmon, cottage cheese, dill, cucumber, avocado, lettuce with dressing, cherry tomato 0 33.00 add delete S2 BAJGIEL Z PROSCIUTTO Bagel with prosciutto, tomato, cheese, arugula, fried egg, lettuce with dressing, cherry tomato 0 32.00 add delete S3 ZESTAW HUMMUSÓW HUMMUS SET - classic hummus, roasted beetroot paste with tahini and nigella, hummus with broad beans, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, pickled onion, lombardi peppers, pita, salad mix with dressing 0 34.00 add delete S4 FRANKFURTERKI Frankfurters - 2 frankfurters, bacon, 2 fried eggs, bread, butter, lettuce with dressing, cherry tomato, ketchup, mustard 0 32.00 add delete S5 PANCAKES 3 szt. Pancakes 3 pcs. maple syrup, yogurt, strawberry jam, fruit,icing sugar 0 29.00 add delete S6 TOST Z PROSCIUTTO Toast with prosciutto, remolada and fried egg 0 27.00 add delete S7 GRZANKI Z AWOKADO Avocado toast with goat cheese, fried eggs, chives, tomato and arugula 0 35.00 add delete S8 JAJECZNICA Scrambled eggs - 3 eggs, lettuce with dressing, cherry tomato, butter, and bread 0 28.00 add delete S9 JAJKA PO TURECKU Turkish style eggs - poche eggs (2 pcs.), greek yoghurt, roasted butter with chili and garlic, bread 0 31.00 add delete S10 SZAKSZUKA Shakshouka - eggs (3 pcs), tomatoes, onion, basil, cumin, and bread 0 31.00


Available Monday - Sunday, from 12:00 to 16:00

add delete L1 Lunch - ZESTAW MIĘSNY Egg noodles soup (vege)
 Pork neck in hunters sauce mashed potatoes pickled cucumber salad
0 35.00
add delete L2 Lunch - ZESTAW WEGE Egg noodles soup (vege)
Steak of young cabbage, new potatoes with green beans, roasted panko and basil pesto
0 35.00
add delete L3 Lunch - ZUPA Egg noodles soup (vege) 0 21.00 add delete L4 Lunch - DRUGIE DANIE MIĘSNE Pork neck in hunters sauce mashed potatoes pickled cucumber salad 0 31.00 add delete L5 Lunch - DRUGIE DANIE WEGE Steak of young cabbage, new potatoes with green beans, roasted panko and basil pesto 0 31.00


add delete 1 TATAR Z ŁOSOSIA Salmon tartare - cucumber, onion, lime, ginger, olive oil, soy sauce, sesame, bread 0 40.00 add delete 2 OSTRE SKRZYDEŁKA KURCZAKA (9 SZT.) Spicy chicken wings (9 pcs.) - wings in Louisiana sauce, celery, blue cheese sauce 0 34.00 add delete 3 SZARPANA WOŁOWINA Z FRYTKAMI Z BATATA Pulled beef with sweet potato fries, chives, jalapeno, blue cheese sauce, tomato salsa 0 37.00 add delete 4 FRYTKI Z BATATA Sweet potato fries, garlic sauce with chili, ketchup 0 23.00 add delete 5 FRYTKI KLASYCZNE Classic fries, garlic sauce with chili, and ketchup 0 23.00 add delete 6 TACOS Z WOŁOWINĄ (3 SZT.) Beef tacos (3 pcs.) - pulled beef in BBQ sauce, pepperoni, pomegranate, pickled onion, coriander, guacamole, tomato salsa 0 33.00 add delete 6a TACOS Z HALLOUMI (3 SZT.) Halloumi tacos (3 pcs.) - grilled halloumi cheese, white cabbage, pickled onion, pomegranate, jalapeño, guacamole, tomato salsa 0 33.00


add delete 7 BURGER Z SZARPANĄ WOŁOWINĄ Burger with pulled beef, tomato, pickled cucumber, iceberg lettuce, pickled onion, bbq sauce, mustard sauce 0 44.00 add delete 8 BURGER Z HALLOUMI Halloumi burger - tomato, pickled onion, arugula, yoghurt and cranberry sauce and BBQ sauce 0 44.00 add delete 9 KLASYCZNE FRYTKI do burgera Classic french fries for burger 0 5.00 add delete 10 FRYTKI Z BATATA do burgera Sweet potato fries for burger 0 5.00


Served with bread and butter

add delete 16 SAŁATA Z KURCZAKIEM Salad with chicken- lettuce, bacon chips, cherry tomato, cucumber, parmesan cheese, mayonnaise sauce with basil and sambal 0 44.00 add delete 17 SAŁATA Z HALLOUMI Lettuce with grilled halloumi- lettuce, black quinoa, pomegranate, pineapple, mango, cucumber, lime-coriander dressing 0 44.00 add delete 18 SAŁATA Z KOZIM SEREM Lettuce with goat cheese - fig, honey, arugula, roasted almonds, spinach and blackberry dressing 0 44.00


add delete 19 ROSÓŁ DROBIOWO-WOŁOWY Poultry and beef broth, homemade hygge noodles, carrots, parsley 0 24.00 add delete 20 ZUPA POMIDOROWA Tomato soup with homemade hygge noodles 0 24.00 add delete 21 CHŁODNIK LITEWSKI Lithuanian cold soup - chard, cucumber, radish, chives, buttermilk, dill, hard-boiled egg 0 27.00


add delete 23 SZNYCEL HYGGE Hygge schnitzel - fried egg, French potatoes, dill, fried beetroots, truffle oil, chives 0 51.00 add delete 24 ŁOSOŚ Z PATELNI Pan-fried salmon - jasmine rice with coconut milk, lime, arugula, strawberries, balsamic vinaigrette 0 51.00 add delete 25 ZAPIEKANE AWOKADO Baked avocado - cauliflower puree, pulled oyster mushroom, furikake, tahini, nigella, chili 0 47.00


Pasta from a local supplier

add delete 28 MAKARON Z KREWETKAMI 5szt. Shrimp noodles (5pcs) - tagliolini nero, butter emulsion with white wine, onion, chili, garlic, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, lime, parsley 0 47.00 add delete 29 MAKARON Z KURCZAKIEM Chicken noodles - wheat tagliolini, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, garlic, and Parmesan cheese 0 45.00 add delete 30 MAKARON Z BOCZNIAKAMI Pasta with oyster mushrooms- wheat tagliolini, cream sauce with white wine, garlic, onion, dried tomatoes, zucchini, parmesan cheese 0 44.00


add delete 33 PIEROGI RUSKIE (6 szt.) Dumplings with creme fraiche, onion, dill oil 0 36.00 add delete 34 PIEROGI Z KACZKĄ (6szt) Pierogi z kaczką- orange peel, apple mousse, onion 0 36.00


add delete 36 ROSÓŁ DROBIOWO - WOŁOWY DLA DZIECI Poultry and beef broth, noodles, carrots 0 21.00 add delete 37 ZUPA POMIDOROWA DLA DZIECI Tomato noodle soup 0 21.00 add delete 38 NUGGETSY Z KURCZAKA DLA DZIECI Chicken nuggets, fries, cucumber salad, ketchup 0 33.00 add delete 40 PANCAKES DLA DZIECI 2 szt. Pancakes 2 pcs, powdered sugar, nutella, strawberry jam 0 27.00


add delete 43 SERNIK HYGGE Cheesecake with white chocolate, orange sauce 0 25.00

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