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InFormal Kitchen is our kitchen, inspired by proven recipes, selected ingredients from different regions of Poland and Europe, as well as culinary experiences and memories of distant travels.
InFormal is: Authenticity, simplicity and taste.



*Prices include packaging fee

add delete 1 Krewetki Shrimp in cream sauce with corriander 0 58.00 add delete 2 Focaccia z rozmarynem Focaccia with rosemary, served with tomato sauce 0 20.00 add delete 3 Focaccia z rozmarynem i szynką parmeńską Foccacia with rosemary and parma ham served with tomato sauce 0 27.00 add delete 4 Frytki z batatów Sweet potato fries served with sauces: tomato, mayonnaise with jalapeno peppers, avocado mousse 0 30.00 add delete 5 Przegrzebki na salsie z avocado i mango Scallops on avocado and mango salsa with pomegranate, cilantro, fish roe and hibiscus powder 0 54.00 add delete 6 Tatar z polędwicy wołowej Beef tartare with quail egg smoked cherry smoke 0 53.00 add delete 9 Bruschetta z burattą Bruschetta with buratta, colorful tomatoes, pesto and fresh basil 0 48.00 add delete 10 Bruschetta z wątróbka drobiową Bruschetta with chicken liver, mushrooms and chive oil 0 48.00 add delete 11 Pielmieni z farszem wołowo-wieprzowym Pielmieni with beef and pork stuffing with butter and white pepper 0 48.00 add delete 12 Deska serów i wędlin Cold cuts and cheese selection with olives and pickles 0 96.00


*Prices include packaging fee

add delete 13 Sałatka z pieczoną dynią hokkaido Salad with roasted hokkaido pumpkin, grapes, brie cheese , pumpkin seeds and orange vinaigrette 0 44.00 add delete 14 Sałata Cezar z kurczakiem Caesar salad with chicken, bacon and Parmesan chees 0 44.00 add delete 15 Sałata Cezar z krewetkami Caesar lettuce with shrimps and Parmesan cheese 0 48.00 add delete 16 Sałatka z kozim serem Salad with roasted goat cheese, beets, caramelized nuts, fruit and cranberry sauce 0 46.00


*Prices include packaging fee

add delete 17 Francuska zupa cebulowa French onion soup with toast s and parmesan cheese 0 27.00 add delete 18 Orientalny krem z dyni Oriental pumpkin cream with ginger and chestnuts 0 27.00

Main Dishes

*Prices include packaging fee

add delete 19 Burger InFormal z frytkami i sosem aioli InFormal Burger with french fries and Aïoli sauce - Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber, onion, mayonnaise-sriracha sauce, BBQ 0 45.00 add delete 19a Dodatek do burgera Addition to the burger: egg or baconor jalapeno or mozzarella or cheddar 0 5.00 add delete 20 Skoki z królika Rabbit leaps with carrot and pumpkin puree, brussels sprouts, young carrots and estragon sauce 0 80.00 add delete 21 Stek z kalafiora Cauliflower steak with baked potato, vegetable spaghetti and mango-maracuja sauce 0 53.00 add delete 22 Polik wołowy w sosie winnym Beef cheek in wine sauce with horseradish purée and vegetables 0 68.00 add delete 23 Połowa kaczki Half of duck with roasted potato, fried beets and cherry sauce 0 90.00 add delete 24 Burger z pieczonym kozim serem Burger with roasted goat cheese, vegetable, fries and cranberry sauce 0 42.00 add delete 25 Jesiotr Sturgeon with creamy beetroot risotto 0 96.00 add delete 26 Łosoś norweski z pary Steamed norwegian salmon with jasmine rice, baby carrots, knob broccoli and butter sauce 0 78.00 add delete 27 Gicz jagnięca Lamb shank with mustard puree, vegetables, chive oil and wine sauce 0 116.00 add delete 28 Stek z polędwicy wołowej na lawie Beef tenderloin steak with mashed potatoes and blanched kale 0 116.00 add delete 29 Antrykot wołowy z grillowanymi warzywami Beef entrecôte with grilled vegetables and potatoes 0 126.00


*Prices include packaging fee

add delete 30 Gnocchi nadziewane kozim serem Gnocchi stuffed with goat cheese and truffle in cream sauce with parmesan cheese 0 46.00 add delete 31 Risotto z borowikami Risotto with porcini mushrooms, mascarpone and parmesan cheese 0 48.00 add delete 32 Tagliatelle z łososiem Tagliatelle with salmon, spinach, sun-dried tomato, mascarpone in cream sauce 0 52.00 add delete 33 Spaghetti carbonara Spaghetti carbonara with long-ripened bacon and egg yolk 0 53.00


*Prices include packaging fee

add delete 36 Pizza Margherita Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, Parmesan cheese 0 34.00 add delete 37 Pizza Chorizo Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chorizo, gorgonzola cheese, red onion 0 48.00 add delete 38 Pizza Quattro Formaggi Cream sauce, gorgonzola, mozzarella, camembert, Parmesan cheese, rocket 0 50.00 add delete 39 Pizza Prosciutto Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Parma ham, tomatoes, rucola, Parmesan cheese 0 45.00 add delete 40 Pizza Bufala Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mozzarella di Bufala, rucola 0 50.00


*Prices include packaging fee

add delete 42 Klasyczny francuski deser z gruszki Classic French Pear Dessert with chocolate sauce 0 32.00 add delete 43 Sernik White chocolate cheesecake with pistachio 0 36.00

Additions to dishes

add delete 47 Fasolka szparagowa na maśle Green beans in butter 0 16.00 add delete 48 Marchewka na maśle z miodem i chili Buttered carrot with honey and chili 0 11.00 add delete 49 Blanszowany szpinak Blanched spinach 0 11.00 add delete 50 Cukinia grillowana z parmezanem Roasted zucchini with parmesan 0 13.00 add delete 51 Mix sałat Mixed salad 0 11.00 add delete 52 Warzywa na parze Steamed vegetables 0 18.00 add delete 53 Ziemniaki puree Mashed potatoes 0 11.00 add delete 54 Ziemniaki puree z masłem truflowym Potato puree with truffle butter 0 17.00 add delete 55 Frytki domowe Homemade fries with sauce of choice: Aïoli, Barbecue 0 15.00 add delete 56 Sos do wyboru: Sauce (to choose): pepper OR wine OR basil 0 9.00 add delete 58 Dodatkowe pieczywo Extra bread 0 7.00 add delete 59 Masło Butter 0 6.00 add delete 60 Parmezan Parmesan 0 6.00

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