Restaurant Polish

Kamanda Lwowska

ul. Foksal 10

When creating the restaurant, we wanted to recall the atmosphere of old Lviv, the wonderful atmosphere and the Old Polish and Borderlands cuisine.
Revive the traditions of great feasts, love of cooking, good food and family meetings.
We took care of the smallest details - on the walls we hung old photographs, portraits and paintings from the pre-war Lviv. In the background you will hear music and songs from the interwar period, sung, among others by Mieczysław Fogg and Hanka Ordonówna.

It is a place with a soul - our guests say and they come back to us with their loved ones. They come to family dinners, stay for afternoon tea, and then dinner - they feel at home with us. It became possible thanks to you. Listening to the opinions of guests, we want to meet their expectations and needs.

Cold appetizers

add delete 1 Srebrzyste śledzie (200g) Herring marinated in lviv sauses 0 24.00 add delete 2 Pasztety mieszane z dziczyzny i kaczki (200g) Wild boar and duck pates served with cranberry sauce and homemade pickles 0 26.00 add delete 3 Decha serów polskich Platter of mix polish cheese and fruits 0 29.00 add delete 4 Chabanina z marynowanej polędwicy wołowej (120g) Marinated beef tenderloin on steamed spinach leaves 0 34.00 add delete 5 Lwowska decha mięsiwa (360g) Lviv meat platter: roasted pork neck in garlic, pork loin with plums, roasted turkey breast, traditional pickles 0 43.00

Hot appetizers and dumplings

add delete 8 Placki ziemniaczane z sosem grzybowym Potato puncakes with mushroom sauce 0 19.00 add delete 8a Placki ziemniaczane z wiejską śmietaną Potato pancakes with cottage cream 0 19.00 add delete 9 Kiszka ziemniaczana (200g) Traditional potato sausage with smoked bacon served in mushroom sauce 0 22.00 add delete 10 Pierogi ruskie (6 szt) Russian dumplings with potatoes and white cheese topped onion 0 24.00 add delete 11 Pierogi z mięsem (6 szt) Dumplings with meat topped with smoked bacon 0 27.00 add delete 12 Kołduny kresowe (15 szt.) Kołduny- dumplings with spicy lamb and fresh herbs, served with country cream 0 29.00


add delete 16 Na owocach i liściach Mix salads, cucumber, tomatoes, seasonal fruits, herbs dressing 0 16.00 add delete 17 Grillowana pierś z kurczaka (120g) - dodatek do sałatki Grilled chicken breast - extra to salad 0 10.00 add delete 18 Chrupiące krewetki koktajlowe (200g) - dodatek do sałatki Crunchy ocktail shrimps - extra to salad 0 10.00 add delete 19 Łosoś wędzony (100g) - dodatek do sałatki Smoked salmon - extra to salad 0 10.00 add delete 20 Grillowany ser koryciński (150g) - dodatek do sałatki Grilled korycinski cheese - extra to salad 0 10.00


add delete 23 Kiszony barszcz czerwony Pickled red borsch with dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms 0 17.00 add delete 24 Żur na zakwasie żytnim Traditional sour rye soup with sausage and egg 0 18.00

Main dishes

add delete 27 Kotlet po chłopsku z siekanej baraniny (250g) Cutlet from chopped lamb, stuffed with hot pepper and smoked cheese with lviv potatoes and salad 0 45.00 add delete 28 Golonka z wieprza pieczona w piwie pszenicznym (550g ) Knuckle of pork baked in a wheat beer with fried cabbage and roasted potatoes served 0 46.00 add delete 29 Szpada tatarska na ostro Skewer tartare with chopped, spicy mutton, postponed vegetables, served served with baked potatoes and salads 0 47.00 add delete 30 Polędwiczka wieprzowa (180g) Pork tenderloin on potatos puncakes, served with forest mushrooms and fried beetroots 0 47.00 add delete 31 Wiejska kaczka pieczona (500g) Roasted duck with caramelized apple, on fruit sauce, polish gnocchi and red cabbage 0 49.00 add delete 32 Sznycel cielęcy po wiedeńsku (200g) Viennese veal schnitzel with lviv potatoes and salad 0 52.00 add delete 33 Uczta Lwowska (dla dwóch) Feast – mixed meats: spicy chicken wings, chopped mutton cutlets, pork tenderloin, grilled white sausage, roasted poultry livers in bacon with plum, roasted cheese in bacon with potatoes, polish gnocchi and pepper and garlic dip 0 99.00

Fish and frutti di mare

add delete 36 Skwierczące krewetki (8 szt.) Tiger shrimps fried in olive oil with garlic and white wine, drizzled with lemon and served with a baguette 0 42.00 add delete 37 Krewetki na ostro w pomidorach (8 szt.) Tiger shrimps fried in tomato with and white wine, with hot pepper and served with a baguette 0 42.00 add delete 38 Filet sandacza z patelni Fried of fillet with zander on the spinach leaves, serve with lemon puree and fresh salad 0 49.00 add delete 39 Łosoś z grilla na maśle czosnkowym (180g) Grilled salmon on garlic batter with celery puree and steamed vegetables 0 52.00


add delete 43 Tort bezowy Meringue cake with raspberry mousse 0 19.00

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