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ul. Drawska róg Szczęśliwickiej

Greek cuisine is not only tzatziki and gyros. Check a creative approach to the subject of our chef. Welcome to the Greek mezedes, refreshing salads and dishes with lamb. Our specialties are also prepared a variety of ways fish and seafood.

Cold Appetizers

add delete 1 Tzatziki Garlic and cucumber yoghurt spread 0 16.00 add delete 2 Taramosalata Cod roe and potato mousse 0 16.00 add delete 3 Melitzanosalata Eggplant mousse with walnuts 0 18.00 add delete 4a Pasta elias Kalamata olives and almonds tapenade 0 18.00 add delete 5 Humus Chickpea and tahini puree 0 18.00 add delete 6 Asterias Variety of greek spreads 0 28.00 add delete 10 Pikilia Selection of appetizers for 2-3 persons
5 types of pastes and mousses
olive paste
Pantzaria-marinated beets
feta cheese
graviera cheese
Marinated peppers
Dried tomatoes
 Dolmadakia 3 pieces
 Marinated seafood
0 57.00

Hot Appetizers

add delete 19 Kolokithokeftedes Zucchinia fritters with feta cheese and yogurt sause 0 24.00 add delete 22 Pita me melitzana ke feta Greek pita topped with tomato, eggplant and cheese gratined 0 31.00 add delete 23 Dolmadakia Grape leaves stuffed with rice and lamb 0 26.00 add delete 26 Haloumi tiganito Fried haloumi cheese served with pita bread, tomatoes and rocket 0 29.00 add delete 27 Garides saganaki Shrimps with feta cheese in tomato sauce 0 32.00 add delete 28 Kalamaria tiganita Golden fried squids 0 29.00 add delete 30 Oktapodi scharas I (przystawka gorąca) Grilled octopus with olive oil, lemon and herbs 0 39.00 add delete 32 Zesti mezedes Assorted hot starters for 2 persons:
Pancakes with zucchini and Feta- 3 pcs
Fried Calamari Rings
Chops with minced meat with cumin-3pcs
Filo dumplings with spinach-3 pcs
Fried calamari
Taramosalata-mousse of cod eggs
Pancakes of beetroot and feta cheese - 3 pcs
0 65.00


add delete 12 Choriatiki Traditional Greek salad 0 25.00 add delete 15 Roka me katsikisio tiri Rocket with beet and hot goat cheese 0 26.00


add delete 17 Supa Thalassinon Seafood soup 0 23.00


Dishes served with rice or roasted potatoes.

add delete 36a Garides ala grek Shrimp with garlic and butter 0 62.00 add delete 37 Oktapodi scharas II (danie główne)new Grilled octopus, marinated beetroots, marinated carrots with cumin, mixed lettuces 0 69.00 add delete 38 Piatela Thalasinonnew Variety of seafood for 2 persons 0 139.00

Main Dish

Dishes served with rice or roasted potatoes. Does not apply: Muska and Burger

add delete 38a Burger Lachanikon Vegetable burger with Greek pita bread, served with french fries 0 38.00 add delete 39 Musaka Minced meat, eggplants, potatoes and bechamel casserole 0 41.00 add delete 39a Melitzanes imam Eggplant baked with vegetables and feta cheese 0 38.00 add delete 40 Bifteki Gemisto Traditional Geek burger served with tzatziki and french fries 0 41.00 add delete 41 Arni Agiortikonew Baked lamb with feta cheese, tomatoes and capers 0 61.00 add delete 43 Paidakia Grilled lamb chops served with tzaziki and marinated beetroots 0 61.00 add delete 48 Kotopulo me haloumi Grilled chicen fillet stuffed with haloumi cheese and sun-dried tomatoes 0 43.00 add delete 50 Mix grill Variety of grilled meat for 2 persons 0 125.00


add delete 52 Gianniotiko Phyllo pastries filled with almonds and nuts 0 16.00 add delete 54 Mus sokolata Chocolate mousse with plum stewed in brandy 0 17.00 add delete 55a Omichli Meringue with cream and fruit sauce 0 18.00 add delete 56 Nirwana A mascarpone cake with caramel and crunchy sesame wafers 0 19.00 add delete 53 Kataifi Kataifi cake filled with almonds and nuts 0 16.00


add delete 60 Pita grecka z masłem czosnkowym Pita bread with garlic butter 0 6.00 add delete 61 Maruli Mixed green salad with vinegret 0 11.00 add delete 62 Pantzaria Salad of marinated beetroot 0 13.00 add delete 63 Frytki French fries 0 12.00

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