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An ideal choice for people who like to combine world cuisines. The extensive menu features accents Polish, Mexican or Italian - so we can easily reconcile the different tastes of a few people at a time. The variety of salads, makaranów, soups and pancakes will certainly encourage the tasting.

Seasonal menu

add delete S1 Aksamitny krem czosnkowy Velvety garlic cream with herb croutons and crispy bacon chips 0 16.50 add delete S2 Grillowany oscypek z Podhala Grilled Oscypek cheese from Podhale laid on fresh arugula leaves with sweet pear and cranberry 0 27.50 add delete S3 Sałatka zakopiańska Zakopane salad with grilled oscypek, roasted bacon, fresh tomato, red onion rings, garlic croutons and vinaigrette sauce 0 34.50 add delete S4 Ravioli Ravioli with mushrooms in a light cream-rosemary sauce 0 24.50 add delete S5 Delikatna polędwiczka wieprzowa Delicate pork tenderloin stuffed with fresh plum and camembert cheese, wrapped in Parma ham, served with cherry-red sauce based on red wine, slices of grilled potato with thyme notes and a salad of rocket and mandarins 0 39.50 add delete S6 Polędwiczka z dorsza Cod loin baked in currants with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, fresh thyme, served with ajvar (baked pepper paste) and whole grain rice 0 46.50 add delete S7 Stek z polędwicy wołowej Beef tenderloin steak served on a sizzling pan with hats of forest mushrooms, a salad of rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and red onion rings with vinaigrette sauce, roasted sunflower seeds and fried potato slices 0 67.50 add delete S8 Burger góralski Burger highlander - of beef chopped, with oscypek cheese, roasted bacon, caramelized red onion with balsamico vinegar, tomato slices and lettuce, served in a baked wholemeal breadcrumbs with Belgian fries and BBQ sauce 0 34.50 add delete S9 Trifle z amaretti Trifle with amaretti - baked in our kitchen delicate almond cakes with a hint of coffee, postponed mascarpone cream with the addition of lime and orange peel 0 21.50

Regular menu


add delete 1 Bruschetta ze świeżymi pomidoraminew Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes - baked baguette, tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil 0 16.50 add delete 2 Bruschetta z awokado i krewetkąnew Bruschetta with avocado and shrimp - Baked baguette, avocado, tomatoes, garlic, coriander, lime, grilled shrimp. 0 23.50 add delete 3 Brushetta z camembert i prosciuttonew Bruschetta with camembert and prosciutto - Toasted baguette with camembert cheese, prosciutto ham, cranberry 0 20.50 add delete 4 Placki ziemniaczane z wędzonym łososiemnew Homemade potato cakes with smoked salmon, dill, sour cream and capers 0 24.50 add delete 8 Panierowane kawałki sera Camembert Pieces of camembert cheese served with cranberries sauce 0 22.50 add delete 9 Grillowane szaszłyki z krewetek i ananasanew Grilled skewers with shrimp and pineapple - Tiger shrimp, pineapple, coriander, lime, rucola 0 28.50 add delete 10 Paseczki kurczaka panierowane Chicken strips in cornflakes with garlic and tomato sauces 0 22.50 add delete 11 Ośmiornica z grillanew Grilled octopus - Octopus arm, roasted potatoes, fresh sprouts, peanut emulsion and mint 0 29.50 add delete 12 Carpaccionew Carpaccio (slices of raw beef with olives, capers, garlic spread, rucola, parmesan cheese and balsamico) 0 45.50 add delete 12a Talerz przekąsek dla dwóch osóbnew A plate of appetizers for two people. Prosciutto ham, grilled chorizo, camembert, olives, hummus, tapenada, dried tomatoes and bread 0 39.00 add delete 15 Frytki towarzyskienew French fries with two sauces. 0 15.50 add delete 14 Nachos Grande Nachos baked with cheddar cheese, tomato salsa, guacamole. 0 20.50

Tortillas & Quesadillas

add delete 20 Tortilla z grillowanym kurczakiem Tortilla with pieces of chicken fresh vegetables, honey-mustard sauce, arugula. 0 21.50 add delete 22 Tortilla z grillowanym indykiemnew Tortilla with grilled turkey, fresh vegetables, arugula and Thousand Island dressing 0 22.50 add delete 23 Tortilla z plastrami mozzarelli i grillowanymi warzywami Tortilla with slices of mozzarella and grilled vegetables - Tomatoes, eggplant, dried tomatoes, basil sauce 0 22.50 add delete 24 Tortilla Grande Mexicana Tortilla Grande Mexicana - Breaded chicken breast strips with peppers, tomatoes, corn, red onion, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, coleslaw salad, guacamole, tomato salsa and sour cream. 0 28.50 add delete 25 Quesadilla z kawałkami kurczakanew Quesadilla with chicken - Grilled tortillas served with cheese and grilled chicken, corn, fresh paprika, tomato salsa and sour cream. 0 28.50

Burritos & Enchiladas

add delete 27 Burritosnew Burritos (minced beef and pork in a sauce of tomatoes, with corn, red beans and peppers, wrapped in a tortilla, cheddar cheese, served with coleslaw salad, and sauces: guacamole, salsa and sour cream) 0 29.50


add delete 37 Sałata z kaczką i avocadonew Alzacka with caramelized duck - Duck breast fillet, arugula, orange, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, parmesan, balsamico sauce 0 33.50 add delete 38 Carpaccio z buraka z opiekanym serem kozimnew Beetroot carpaccio with goats cheese - Walnuts, plum balsamico sauce, rucola, spinach, mint 0 27.50 add delete 40 Sałata europejska z kurczakiemnew European salad with grilled chicken- Grilled chicken breast pieces, lettuce, rucola, fresh spinach, dried tomatoes, red onion, tomato, cucumber, paprika, roasted sunflower seeds, mustard and honey sauce. 0 29.50 add delete 42 Sałata cezar z kurczakiemnew Chicken cesar salad - Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, arugula, roasted baguette, Parmesan cheese, Ceasar sauce 0 29.50 add delete 43 Sałata cezar z polędwiczkami wieprzowymi Ceasar with pork loin salad- grilled pork loin, romaine lettuce, arugula, roasted baguette, parmesan, Ceasar sauce 0 29.50 add delete 44 Sałata cezar z krewetkaminew Caesar salad with prawns - grilled shrimp, roman lettuce, arugula, roasted baguette, parmesan, ceasar sauce 0 33.50 add delete 45 Sałata norweska Norwegian salad with grilled salmon, mix salads, carrot, crispy herb croutons, parmesan cheese, vinaigrette dressing 0 33.50 add delete 53 Sałata kubańskanew Cuban salad with grilled turkey, mix salads, cucumber, bell pepper, fruits, nuts, Thousand Island dressing 0 31.50 add delete 59 Sałatka Panamska z indykiem Grilled turkeybreast, seasonal fruits, avocado, arugula, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds, fruit vinaigrette 0 31.50


add delete 60 Rosół z kury Chicken soup served with homemade noodles 0 12.50 add delete 63 Żurek White borsch with sausage and egg 0 14.50 add delete 65 Krem z pomidorównew Tomato cream soup with cream ricotta cheese and basil emulsion 0 14.50 add delete 66 Krem szpinakowynew Spinach cream soup with sweet-sour pear and blue cheese 0 14.50

Fish And Seafood

add delete 69 Halibut z rusztu z sosem kurkowymnew Grilled halibut with chanterelle sauce - Stewed green and red lentils, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes with sunflower seeds and balsamico sauce 0 43.50 add delete 71 Grillowany filet z łososianew Grilled salmon fillet served on spinach with a creamy green pepper sauce. Served with garden salad. Choose fries, potatoes or rice. 0 43.50 add delete 72 Krewetki tygrysie na gorącej patelninew Shrimp tiger in a hot pan - Shrimp, butter, white wine, thousand island dressing, rucola, baguette 0 39.50


You Can choose: spaghetti, penne, strozzapreti lub papardelle

add delete 73 Strozapretti con pollo e spinachinew Grilled chicken, fresh spinach, butter, broth, garlic, parmesan cheese 0 31.50 add delete 74 Makaron Asparagusnew Grilled turkey, green asparagus, paprika, chillies, parsley, olive oil, parmesan 0 32.50 add delete 75 Makaron pollo Pollo with grilled chicken, spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, onion, garlic, cream sauce, parmesan 0 31.50 add delete 76 Makaron saporitanew Saporita with mushrooms, grilled chicken, onion, garlic, cream sauce and parmesan 0 31.50 add delete 77 Makaron carbonara Carbonara with grilled bacon, yolk, garlic, cream sauce and parmesan 0 30.50 add delete 78 Papardellenew Papardelle with beef, mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh basil, cream and mushroom sauce and parmesan 0 34.50 add delete 79 Spaghetti bolognese Bolognese with minced beef with herbs, tomato sauce and parmesan 0 28.50 add delete 82 Makaron salmone Salmone with smoked salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, garlic in creamy sauce and parmesan 0 31.50 add delete 83a Makaron gambero Shrimp, white wine, garlic, olive oil, parsley, arugula, parmesan 0 36.50


add delete 85 Street Burgernew Grilled burger with hand-chopped beef on toasted bread with a unique aromatic sauce BBQ, lettuce, red onion rings, cucumber and a slice of tomato. Served with french fries and coleslaw 0 29.50 add delete 86 Chefs Burgernew Roasted beef, baked rolls, prosciutto ham, mozzarella, tomato slice, rucola, aiola sauce and BBQ. 0 33.50 add delete 88 Camembert Burgernew Caramelized Camembert cheese, grilled vegetables, cranberry sauce, wholemeal rolls. 0 28.50 add delete 89 Egg & Bacon Spicy Burgernew Chopped beef with hot pepper, fried egg, crunchy bacon, red onion rings, iceberg lettuce, tomato slice, BBQ sauce 0 33.50

Main Dish

Each dish is served with vegetable salad and to choice: french fries, potatoes or rice.

add delete 93 Placek po zbójnicku Home-made potato cake, aromatic beef stew, yellow cheese, sour cream, pickled cucumber. 0 29.50 add delete 94 Pikantne szaszłyki satay z indykanew Spicy satay turkey skewers - Marinated in smoked paprika, roasted sesame, chileichurri sauce, pear puree, baked root of parsley and carrots, fresh zucchini ribbons with garlic and walnuts. 0 34.50 add delete 96 Grillowany filet z piersi kurczakanew Grilled chicken breast served with grilled vegetables (tomato, eggplant, onion) and aromatic basil sauce 0 33.50 add delete 101 Soczysta polędwica wołowa Juicy sirloin served with mushroom sauce 0 64.50 add delete 102 Soczysta polędwica wołowa Juicy sirloin with pepper sauce 0 64.50 add delete 104 Soczysta polędwica wołowa Juicy sirloin with garlic butter 0 64.50 add delete 113 Polędwiczki wieprzowe z sosem camembert Pork tenderloin with camembert sauce 0 39.50 add delete 114 Polędwiczki wieprzowe z sosem musztardowo-miodowym Pork tenderloin with honey- mustard sauce 0 39.50 add delete 115 Polędwiczki wieprzowe z sosem kurkowym Pork tenderloin with chantarelles sauce 0 39.50 add delete 120 Kaczka po polsku na żeliwienew Polish duck - Half a traditional roast duck, caramelized apple, cranberry, fried beetroot and roasted potatoes. 0 45.50


8 pcs

add delete 122 Pierogi z mięsemnew Dumplings with meat - roasted, served with golden onions and greaves 0 21.50 add delete 123 Pierogi ruskienew Russian with grilled bacon 0 19.50 add delete 124 Ravioli ze szpinakiem i ricottąnew Ravioli with spinach and ricotta with blue cheese sauce 0 22.50 add delete 126 Pielemienie - rosyjskie pierożki nadziewane mięsemnew Pielemienie - Russian dumplings filled with meat served with sour cream and lemon 0 29.50


2 pcs

add delete 129 Naleśniki Tureckie Pancakes with a paste of chickpeas, roasted sesame seeds, served with dried tomatoes sauce 0 19.50 add delete 132 Naleśniki Caprinew Capri pancakes - Creamy ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, seasonal fruit, whipped cream 0 19.50 add delete 135 Naleśniki Mazurskienew Masurian pancakes with grilled chicken and chantarelles in creamy sauce and parmesan 0 32.50 add delete 138 Naleśniki Holenderskienew Dutch pancakes with spinach, grilled chicken, parmesan sauce 0 27.50 add delete 141 Naleśnik Bułgarskinew Bulgarian Pancakes made of spelled flour, with mushrooms, onions, grilled chicken, parsley, baked with cheese, with tomato sauce and a salad of tomato, pickled cucumber and red onion 0 23.50 add delete 142 Nalesnik Norweskinew Norwegian Pancake with smoked salmon, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, served with dill sauce 0 24.50

Side Dish

add delete 145 Frytki + sos czosnkowy + ketchup French fries served with garlic sauce and ketchup 0 15.50 add delete 146 Pieczone plastry ziemniaków Deep-fried potatoes 0 15.00 add delete 147 Ryż biały White rice 0 9.00 add delete 149 Bukiet warzyw na parze Bouquet of steamed vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with garlic butter 0 13.50 add delete 150 Sałatka ze świeżych warzyw Mix fresh vegetables with green sauce 0 10.50 add delete 152 Masło czosnkowe Garlic butter 0 4.00 add delete 153 Masło ziołowe Herb butter 0 4.00 add delete 154 Dodatkowy zimny sos w osobnym opakowaniu Extra cold sauce - your choice - ketchup, garlic, sour cream, salsa, tzatziki 0 4.00 add delete 154a Dodatkowy ciepły sos w osobnym opakowaniu Extra warm souse - your choice - chanterelle, Camembert, pepper, mushroom, Parmesan 0 5.00 add delete 155 Dodatkowy majonez w osobnym opakowaniu 0 3.00 add delete 156 Sałatka colesław Coleslaw salad 0 10.00


add delete 164 Tiramisu Tiramisu 0 21.50 add delete 165 Domowa beza własnego wypieku Home baked meringue served with delicate mascarpone cream and seasonal fruits 0 19.50 add delete 166 Jabłecznik Warm apple pie with whipped cream 0 19.50

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