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The secret of the delicious taste of the dishes lies in the ingredients from which they are made. Next to dishes coming straight from Italy, Spain and France, you will find delicacies from small, Polish producers who deliver to the restaurant of the highest quality regional products.
Restaurant Bubbles in 2016 again won the 12 and a half points in the Yellow Guide Gault Millau.

Slice of bread

Slices of sourdough bread baked with cheese and toppings, served with salad

add delete 1 Pajda chleba z raclette Slices of bread with raclette, chorizzo iand tomato jam 0 29.90 add delete 2 Pajda chleba z frontiera Blue Jersey Slice of bread with Frontiera Blue Jersey cheese, gooseberry chutney, tangerine 0 29.90 add delete 3 Pajda chleba z Bursztynem Slices of bread with Bursztyn cheese and selery salsa with walnuts 0 29.90


add delete 5 Świeże ostrygi 1 szt. Fresh oyster (1pcs.) with lemon and mignonette 0 9.95 add delete 6 Łosoś Gravadlax Gravadlax salmon 0 28.90 add delete 7 Tatar z łososia Salmon tartare with feta cheese 0 34.90 add delete 9 Mule w sosie maślano-winnym Mussels in butter-wine sauce 0 29.95 add delete 10 Mule w sosie arrabiata Mussels in arrabiata sauce 0 29.95 add delete 11 Ślimaki 6 szt. Snails (6pcs.)in chesse-basil sauce 0 36.90 add delete 12 Krewetki z musem jabłkowym Shrimps with apple mousse, roasted leek, mint 0 31.90 add delete 13 Nogi kraba kamczackiego 100g Kamchatka crab legs 100g 0 49.90

Best of Bubbles

add delete 17 Tatar z pomidora Tomato Tartar 0 24.95 add delete 18 Awocado z salsą pistacjową Avocado with pistachio salsa 0 24.90

The Sery

add delete 21 Bufala z cykorią Bufala with chickory and walnut pesto 0 33.50 add delete 22 Raclette z piklami Raclette with pickles and potatoes 0 31.90 add delete 24 Camembert z konfiturą owocową Camembert with fruit confiture 0 31.90 add delete 25 Camembert z chorizo i arrabiata Camembert with chorizo and arrabiata 0 31.90 add delete 26 Camembert z pastą truflową Camembert with truffle paste 0 31.90

Butcher specials

add delete 30 Kaszanka z cebulą, chorizo i musztardą Fried black pudding, chorizo, onion, mustard 0 13.95 add delete 32 Plastry rostbefu Slices of roast beef, mustard dip, toast 0 22.90 add delete 33 Sakiewki z kaczką Dumplings with duck, demi glace sauce 0 24.90 add delete 34 Pate z wątróbki i foie gras Chicken liver pate with foie gras, raspberry jam 0 24.95 add delete 35 Tradycyjny tatar wołowy Traditional Polish beef tartare 0 29.95 add delete 36 Foie gras z musem z kiwi Foie gras with kiwi mousse and toasts 0 39.95 add delete 37 Deska wędlin Board of charcuterie 0 31.95


add delete 40 Sałatka - Wędzony Kozi Ser Salad with smoked goat cheese, spinach, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, orange sauce 0 28.95 add delete 41 Sałatka - Rukiew wodna z boczniakiem Salad with watercrees, oyster mushroom, rucola, sprouts, Emil Grana cheese, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinaigrette 0 32.95 add delete 41a Sałatka - Rukiew wodna z boczniakiem i rostbefem Salad with watercrees, oyster mushroom, roast beef, rucola, sprouts, Emil Grana cheese, sunflower seeds, balsamic vinaigrette 0 41.85 add delete 39 Sałatka - Marynowany burak Salad with marinated beetroot, mousse with avocado and nuts, passion fruit 0 29.95

Main dishes

add delete 44 Kopytka Hand-made kopytka with truffle sauce and Polish cheese Emil Grana 0 29.90 add delete 46 Policzki Melt in the mouth beef cheeks, stewed in beer, fried Chinese noodels and vegetables 0 44.90 add delete 47 Dorsz Fresh filet of Antlantic cod on red lentis, baked fennel and saffron sauce 0 54.90 add delete 48 Antrykot Vet-seasoned rib eye steak (300g) with potatoes, spinach, oyster mushrooms and red wine sauce 0 74.90 add delete 49 Pierś kaczki Juicy duck breast (sous vide) with redcurrant and ginger sauce, sweet potato puree, fried brussel sprouts with mint 0 62.90 add delete 50 Polędwica wołowa Polish seasoned beef tenderlion with potatoes, spinach, oyster mushrooms and red wine sauce 0 95.90


add delete 53 Ziemniaki Potatoes 0 8.00 add delete 54 Mix sałat Mix salad 0 8.00 add delete 55 Kopytka Kopytka- potato dumplings 0 8.00


add delete 60 Makaroniki 6 szt. Macaroon 6 pcs. 0 38.95

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