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Pl. Piłsudskiego 9

The secret of the delicious taste of the dishes lies in the ingredients from which they are made. Next to dishes coming straight from Italy, Spain and France, you will find delicacies from small, Polish producers who deliver to the restaurant of the highest quality regional products.
Restaurant Bubbles in 2016 again won the 12 and a half points in the Yellow Guide Gault Millau.

On the table

add delete 1 Fasolka szparagowa Green beans and broad beans with chorizzo 0 12.90 add delete 2 Kaszanka smażona z cebulą, Fried black pudding with onion, spicy sausage and mustard 0 12.90 add delete 3 Sardynki na grzance Dijon Sardines on Dijon toast with lemon sauce 0 16.90 add delete 4 Pasta z soczewicy Lentil and dried tomato paste 0 19.90 add delete 5 Szparagi z jajkiem sadzonym Asparagus with fried egg and hollandaise sauce 0 22.90 add delete 6a Pate z wątróbki Pate with liver and foie gras with raspberry jam 0 23.90 add delete 7a Plastry rostbefu Slices of roast beef with dijon dip and toast 0 21.90 add delete 8 Bliny z wędzonym łososiem Blinis with smoked salmon and sour cream 0 19.90 add delete 9 Bliny z kawiorem Blinis with caviar and sour cream 0 19.90 add delete 10 Awokado z salsą pistacjową Avocado with pistachio salsa 0 24.90 add delete 11 Tatar z pomidora Tomato tartar 0 23.90 add delete 12 Camembert z Normandii Camembert from Normandy with jam or chorizo or broad bean and dried tomato 0 24.90 add delete 13 Raclette z domowymi piklami Raclette with homemade pickles and potatoes 0 24.90 add delete 14 Tatar z polskiej wołowiny Traditional Polish beef tartar with eggs 0 24.90 add delete 15 Merguezy Merguez - sausages in red wine with tomatoes and chilli 0 27.90 add delete 17a Sezonowana ligawa Seasoned beef on truffle paste with marinated tomato 0 23.90 add delete 18 Foie Gras Foie Gras - served cold with salt and pepper or hot with orange jam 0 35.90 add delete 20 Deska polskich serów zagrodowych (100g) Polish farm cheese board or regional cold cuts ( 100g ) 0 29.90 add delete 21 Deska polskich regionalnych wędlin (100g) Polish farm regional cold cuts board ( 100g ) 0 29.90 add delete 23 Kawior z łososia (100g) Salmon caviar (100g) with blinis and sour cream 0 59.90 add delete 25 Ostryga (1 szt.) Oyster with lemon and shallot sauce (1pcs.) (minimum order 3 pc.) 0 7.90 add delete 26 Krewetki smażone na maśle Shrimp fried in butter with mashed potatoes in sweet potato 0 29.90 add delete 33 Nogi kraba kamczackiego 100g Legs of Kamchatka crab 100g 0 49.90 add delete 35 Sałata wędzony kozi ser Goat cheese salad with spinach, kale, avocado, pearl barley, orange sauce 0 27.90 add delete 36 Sałata ze szparagami Salad with asparagus, cherry tomatoes, raspberries, chia, yoghurt and raspberry sauce 0 27.90 add delete 37 Łosoś gravadlax Salmon gravadlax with truffle cream, beets and lemon sauce 0 28.90 add delete 38a Tatar z tuńczyka Tuna tartar 0 34.90

Main dishes

add delete 40 Kopytka z sosem truflowym Kopytka - Potato dumplings with truffle sauce 0 28.90 add delete 41 Stek z polskiej sezonowanej polędwicy wołowej Steak of Polish seasoned beef sirloin with red wine sauce 0 69.90 add delete 41a Risotto na winie Risotto on wine 0 28.90 add delete 42a Schab z kością ze świni Złotnickiej Pork chop with bone from Złotnicka pig with cranberry and rosemary sauce 0 31.90 add delete 43a Pierś kurczaka kukurydzianego Corn chicken breast with tomato and herb salsa 0 28.90 add delete 44 Tagliatelle z ośmiornicą Tagliatelle with octopus and roasted tomatoes 0 44.90


add delete 45 Ziemniaki Potatoes 0 8.00 add delete 46 Szpinak blanszowany Blanched spinach 0 8.00 add delete 47 Bób na maśle z miętą Bean with butter and mint 0 8.00 add delete 48 Mix sałat z vinegrette Mixed salad with vinaigrette 0 8.00 add delete 51 Kopytka na maśle Kopytka- potato dumplings on butter 0 8.00 add delete 52 Pieczywo z masłem Bread with butter 0 6.00 add delete 53 Grillowane warzywa Grilled vegetables 0 8.00 add delete 55 Oliwa Olive oil 0 6.00


add delete 69 Zestaw sztućców Cutlery Set: knife, spoon, fork, plate and napkin 0 9.00

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