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Gruby Josek

al. Jana Pawła 27 budynek Atrium

Gruby Josek is a place created out of love for Syreni City and its beautiful traditions. Our dishes from the inter-war period and the interiors that accompany them are filled with memories and longing, but also the unique character and quality that have been characteristic of Warsaw and Warsaw for generations, which is why they are the foundation of our activities! During a visit to Fat Josek, our guests can feel like on an old street in Warsaw, and enjoy the unique climate of the city!


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 1 KATOLIK Z GNOJNEJ W NOWEJ ODSŁONIE Herring in cream with onion and apple served with baked potato and herb butter 0 35.00 add delete 2 STOŁECZNA MEDUZA - zimne nóżki Pork legs in aspic, pickled mushrooms and pickles, horseradish and vinegar 0 32.00 add delete 3 TATAREK TATY TASIEMKI Traditional tartare with marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumber and shallot 0 44.00 add delete 4 ZIMNA ZAGRYCHA - dla 2 osób Smoked meats from the Biebrza river with pickles, baked patty, homemade lard, cucumbers 0 62.50


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 7 FLAKI ala GRUBY JOSEK Beef tripe soup - original Gruby Joseks recipe 0 31.50 add delete 8 ROSÓŁEK Z KLUSECZKAMY Homemade chicken and beef broth with noodles 0 27.50 add delete 9 ŻUREK NA ZAKWASIE KWAŚNYM JAK UŚMIECH TEŚCIOWEJ Sour rye soup with boletus and white sausage 0 31.50 add delete 11 ZUPKA POMIDOROWA Tomato soup - tasty and healthy 0 27.50


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 12 JEDZIEM PANIE ZIELONKA Lettuce with arugula, dried tomatoes and ricotta with vinaigrette and pine nuts 0 44.00 add delete 13 MARZENIE BADYLARZA z kurczakiem Salad with grilled chicken breast, Emilgrana cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing 0 44.00


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 15 PYZUNIE ZE SKWARECZKAMY 6 szt. Potato dumplings stuffed with cooked pork, seasoned with smoked bacon 6 pcs. 0 38.00 add delete 16 PIROGI Z RUSI W KWAŚNEJ ŚMIETANCE 6 szt. Russian dumplings with cottage cheese and potatoes, sprinkled, served with sour cream 6 pcs. 0 37.00


add delete 17 KASZANKA GRZANKA Pan-fried black pudding with onion, served with croutons 0 36.00 add delete 18 NERECZKI SKROPIONE BRANDY Veal kidneys in butter emulsion with brandy served with croutons 0 40.00 add delete 19 WĄTRÓBKA A LA WALERY Pan-fried chicken liver, onion and apple for vitamins, bread 0 40.00


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 20 RYBKA A LA ZIELENIAK Zander fillet with spinach, mashed potatoes 0 62.00 add delete 21 GOLONECZKA A LA WESOŁY ROMEK Pork shank with fried cabbage, served with bread, mustard and horseradish 0 72.50 add delete 22 GOŁĄBKI PROSTO DO GĄBKI Cabbage rolls in tomato sauce with mashed potatoes 0 44.00 add delete 23 KOTLECIK SCHABOWY NA SMALCZYKU Classic pork chop with bone, fried cabbage with dill, potatoes in butter with dill 0 49.50 add delete 26 KACZUSIA W PIĘKNEM ANCUGU Duck thigh in cranberry sauce, dumplings with holes and red cabbage 0 62.50 add delete 27 KRÓL WARSZAWSKICH KOTLETÓW Homemade minced cutlet with mashed potatoes and beetroots 0 42.00 add delete 28 ZRAZ RAZ, CZYLI WOŁOWINKA I WITAMINKA Beef roulade with bacon, onion and pickled cucumber served with potato dumplings and red cabbage salad 0 67.00 add delete 29 SALONOWY DEWOLAJ Devolaj with puree, potatoes and cucumber salad 0 49.00


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 33 ZASMAŻANA KAPUSTA Fried Sauerkraut with caraway seeds 0 11.00 add delete 34 ZIEMNIACZKI Z KOPERKIEM Potatoes with dill 0 11.00 add delete 35 PUREE ZIEMNIACZANE Mashed potato 0 11.00


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 36 TWAROGOWE LENIWCE W OMAŚCIE Traditional polish sweet dumplings made with potatoes and cottage cheese 0 32.00 add delete 37 GALANTY JABŁECZNIK GARKOTŁUKA Apple pie 0 27.50 add delete 38 WYPIECZONY TWAROŻNIK Cheesecake with white chocolate and fruit mousse 0 28.00


* The prices of the dishes include the packaging fee.

add delete 40 ROSOŁEK BEZ ZIELONEGO Chicken broth soup only with noodles 0 20.00 add delete 42 KOTLECIKI Z KURCZAKA Chicken cutlets with french fries and cucumber with cream 0 31.50 add delete 43 PULPECIKI WIEPRZOWE Pork meatballs in cream sauce with dill, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad 0 31.50


add delete N1 Cisowianka perlage 700 ml Sparkling water 0 12.00 add delete N2 Cisowianka 700 ml Still water 0 12.00 add delete N3 Krystaliczne Źródło 300 ml Sparkling water 0 8.00 add delete N4 Krystaliczne Źródło 300 ml Still water 0 8.00 add delete N7 Sok jabłkowy - 200 ml (Toma) Apple Juice 0 8.00 add delete N8 Sok pomarańczowy 200 ml (Toma) Orange juice 0 8.00 add delete N10 Pepsi 200 ml Pepsi 200 ml 0 8.00 add delete N11 Pepsi Max 200 ml Pepsi Max 200 ml 0 8.00 add delete N12 Schweppes 200 ml Schweppes 200 ml 0 8.00 add delete N13 Mirinda 200 ml Mirinda 200 ml 0 8.00

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