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The Warsaw restaurant and bar "Mokotowska 69", opened in early May 2016, is the second, after the Merliniego 5 restaurant, project by Andrzej Rudnicki-Sipayla and Bartek Czerwiński.

Andrzej Rudnicki-Sipayłło has been fascinated with culinary and culinary culture for over 30 years, and above all the extraordinary pleasure given to food in a social context. Drawing on his experience of work, once the most popular New York restaurants, in 2010 he fulfilled his dream and moved a piece of Manhattan to the Warsaw Mokotów. This is the restaurant Merliniego 5, which permanently entered the culinary map of Warsaw.


add delete 1 Befsztyk tatarski z polędwicy wołowej Steak tartare - Beef chopped raw sirloin with red caviar 0 39.00 add delete 2 Befsztyk tatarski z polędwicy końskiej Steak tartare - Horse chopped raw sirloin with red caviar 0 39.00 add delete 3 Matjas holenderski Matjes herring with onion and apple 0 36.00 add delete 4 Szparagi z szynką parmeńską Asparagus with Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and Hollandaise sauce 0 44.00 add delete 5 Carpaccio z polędwicy z black angusa Black angus fillet mignon beef carpaccio marinated with bison grass/mustard olive oil served with shaved artisan cheese 0 39.00 add delete 6 Okoń z Rajgrodu Perch sauteed and marinated with potato salad 0 49.00 add delete 7 Kalmary Breaded and fried Calamari with two sauces 0 49.00 add delete 8 Raki Masurian crayfish in rowan brandy cream sauce 0 55.00 add delete 8a Pierogi z kaczki z jabłkiem Dumplings with duck and apple in broth 0 37.00


add delete 9 Flaki po warszawsku Tripe in Warsaw way with meatballs 0 32.00 add delete 12 Zupa rybna Fish soup with zander & catfish 0 37.00 add delete 12a Chrzanowy żurek Sour Rye with egg and sausage 0 24.00 add delete 12b Botwinka z jajkiem Young beet leave soup egg 0 26.00


add delete 13 Sałata Cezar z piersią Caesar salad with chicken breast 0 45.00 add delete 14 Sałata Cezar z grzankami Caesar salad with croutons and cherry tomatoes 0 32.00 add delete 15 Rukola Rucola - with cherry tomatoes and parmesan chhese 0 28.00 add delete 16 Kozi ser na grzankach Goats cheese on croutons with lettuce, herbs, strawberries and vinaigrette 0 39.00


add delete 20 Sum mazurski Masurian Catfish with horseradish risotto and paradise apples 0 67.00 add delete 21 Dorsz Arktyczny Skrei Skrei Arctic cod with vegetables, baby potato and butter sauce 0 89.00 add delete 22 Biodrówka jagnięca wolno pieczona Loin of Lamb slowe roasted prime loin with rosmery sauce, seasonal vegetables and pearl barley 0 89.00 add delete 25 Ośmiornica grillowana Grilled Octopus with young potatoes and cherry tomatoes 0 98.00 add delete 27 Smażona pierś kukurydzianego kurczaka Fried cornfed chicken breast with vegetables, butter sauce and potato puree 0 44.00 add delete 28 Pieczona kaczka Roasted duck with dumplings, red cabbage, pear and spices sauce 0 69.00 add delete 29 Sztuka mięsa Tafelspitz slowly cooked in broth with vegetables and potato puree 0 59.00 add delete 30 Antar Patagoński - Sea Bass 100g Antar Patagonian - Sea Bass 100g - the price depends on weight, which ranges between 180g-230g 0 79.00


Without appetizers and sauce.

add delete 34 Rib eye z jałówki 270g Heifer Rib eye 270g, PL limousine aged 21 days 0 89.00 add delete 35 Filet mignon Pl Limousine stek 200g Filet mignon Pl Limousine steak 200g 0 86.00 add delete 36 Filet mignon Pl Limousine stek 260g Filet mignon Pl Limousine steak 260g 0 111.00 add delete 37 Filet mignon black angus stek 200g Black angus steak filet mignon 200g - USDA PRIME 0 158.00 add delete 38 Filet mignon black angus stek 250g Black angus steak filet mignon 250g - USDA PRIME 0 197.50 add delete 39 Filet mignon black angus stek 300g Black angus steak filet mignon 300g - USDA PRIME 0 237.00 add delete 40 New York Strip black angus stek 360g Black Angus New York Strip Steak 360g - USDA PRIME 0 176.40 add delete 41 Rib Eye black angus stek 360g Black Angus Rib Eye Steak 360g - USDA PRIME 0 194.40 add delete 42 Rostbef z hida gyu wagyu kobe style Top class 9 + / a5 Japanese beef . Multiple winner of the Japanese zenkoku championship of the best Japanese beef. 199PLN for 100 grams. 0 199.00

Appetizers and sauces for steaks

add delete 44 Puree z parmezanem Puree with parmesan 0 14.00 add delete 45 Puree Puree 0 12.00 add delete 46 Grillowane warzywa Grillowane warzywa 0 12.00 add delete 46a Szparagi Asparagus 0 18.00 add delete 47 Szpinak Spinach 0 18.00 add delete 48 Rukola z pomidorkami cherry Rukola with cherry tomatoes 0 22.00 add delete 52 Sos pieprzowy Pepper Sauce 0 12.00 add delete 53 Sos rozmarynowy Rosemary sauce 0 12.00 add delete 54 Sos gorgonzola Gorgonzola sauce 0 16.00 add delete 54a Sos maślany z truflami Butter sauce with truffles 0 28.00


add delete 55 Penne z gorgonzollą i szpinakiem Penne with gorgonzola and spinach 0 44.00 add delete 56 Penne z grillowanymi warzywami, Penne with grilled vegetables, tomato sauce 0 39.00 add delete 57 Tagliatelle z łososiem w kremowym Tagliatelle with salmon in a cream sauce with capers 0 44.00 add delete 58 Gnocchi z kozim serem Gnocchi with goat cheese with butter sauce and truffles 0 69.00 add delete 59 Tagliatelle z krewetkami Tagliatelle with shrimps and asparagus and cherry tomatoes 0 67.00


180 g Black Angus beef

add delete 60 BLT Burger Classic Beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber plus two sauces 0 39.00 add delete 61 Double BLT Burger Classic Double beef, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber plus two sauces 0 69.00 add delete 62 Burger z truflami Beef, arugula, pecorino cheese, truffles and truffle butter 0 74.00


add delete 64 Napoleonka Napoleon cake with vanilla cream and seasonal fruit 0 32.00 add delete 65 Sernik Cheesecake 0 24.00

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