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We serve international cuisine, decorating classic modernity. We praise the taste of the best quality products. Restaurant Academy is synonymous with well-seasoned dishes, created to teach taste to surprise and excite the senses.

Palette of flavors - Chanterelles

add delete P1 Kurki na maśle Chanterelle mushrooms on butter with fresh dill 0 49.00 add delete P2 Kurki w śmietanie Chanterelle mushrooms on cream with fresh dill 0 49.00 add delete P3 Burrata Burrata with marinated tomatoes and wallnuts and basil pesto 0 54.00 add delete P4 Zupa kurkowa Chanterelle mushooms soup 0 29.00 add delete P5 Risotto z kurkami Risotto with chanterelle mushroms and aged cheese 0 59.00 add delete P6 Sandacz z kurkami Zander fish with chanterelle mushrooms, low-salt cucumber salsa nad spring potatoes 0 69.00 add delete P7 Polędwica wołowa Beef loin with chanterelle mushrooms, pepper sauce and spring potatoes 0 128.00 add delete P8 Sernik na zimno Unbeaked chceescake with blueberries 0 28.00


add delete 1 Śledź Herring with celery and apple salad 0 28.00 add delete 2 Tatar z pomidorów Tomato tartare with capers and shallots 0 41.00 add delete 3 Sałata z wątróbka drobiową Salad with chicken liver, apple chutney and raspberry sauce 0 49.00 add delete 5 Carpaccio wołowe Beef carpaccio on truffle mousse with capers 0 59.00 add delete 6 Tatar z wołowiny Beef tartare with onion, cucumber and mushrooms 0 54.00 add delete 8 Kawior Antonius Siberian 5* (30g) Antonius caviar 5*(30g) with buckwheat blinis and sour cream 0 380.00


add delete 10 Kapuśniak z młodej kapusty Young cabbage soup with roasted ribs 0 29.00 add delete 11 Chłodnik litewski Cold soup with egg 0 24.00 add delete 12 Domowy rosół Homemade capon broth with quail noodles 0 22.00

Main course

add delete 13 Tradycyjny kotlet schabowy Traditional pork chop with new potatoes and fried young cabbage 0 53.00 add delete 14 Tagliatelle z krewetkami Tagliatelle with shrimps in a butter emulsion 0 53.00 add delete 15 Łosoś Nori Salmon nori with homemade teriyaki sauce and wasabi mayonnaise 0 79.00 add delete 16 Gicz cielęca z sosem smardzowym Veal shank with morels, young potatoes and baby zucchini 0 92.00 add delete 17 Pierś z kaczki Duck breast with sweet potato puree and peach chutney 0 72.00 add delete 18 De Volaille De Volaille with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad 0 54.00


add delete 25 Pierogi z cielęciną Dumplings with veal meat and bacon garnish 0 49.00


add delete 30 Sernik Akademia Akademia signature cheesecake 0 28.00 add delete 31 Tarta rabarbarowa Rhubarb tart 0 28.00 add delete 33 Selekcja polskich serów zagrodowych Polish farm cheese selection with home mad jam and fruits 0 49.00

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