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Czerwony Wieprz

ul. Żelazna 68

The Red Hog Inn is one of the most interesting places in Warsaw. Legendary restaurant is located on the corner of Żelazna and Chłodna Street. Unique atmosphere of communist restaurant was once enjoyed by many famous guests as the Polish Presidential couple, Bruce Willis, Lennox Lewis and Karim Benzema from Real Madrid. Restaurant brings out memories from old times and offer exquisite food in the same time.
Traditional polish food and recipes based on preferences of biggest communist leaders from XX century are the reason of the Red Hog popularity.


Take away - Hot and cold appetizers

add delete W1 Śledź Baltic herring fillet, onion in oil, a piece of lemon, potatoes with dill 0 19.00 add delete W2 Smalec Lux Lux lard - homemade lard, sausage, baked apple with onion, marjoram, homemade bread 0 16.00 add delete W3 Sałata z kozim serem Salad with toasted goat cheese, green salads, crunchy faworki, dried tomatoes, spicy paprika dressing 0 26.00 add delete W4 Sałata z grillowanych warzyw Salad with grilled vegetables, fresh thyme, baked garlic, eggplant paste, garlic and yogurt sauce, wholemeal toast with goat cheese 0 24.00 add delete W5 Sałata Cezar z kurczakiem Chicken Caesar Salad - crisp romaine lettuce, anchovy sauce, crunchy herb toast, spicy dried tomato paste, Grana Padano cheese 0 24.00 add delete W6 Sałata Cezar krewetkami Caesar salad with shrimps - crisp romaine lettuce, anchovy sauce, crunchy herb toast, spicy dried tomato paste, Grana Padano cheese 0 28.00 add delete W7 Tatar wegetariański Vegetarian tartare - vegetables grilled and marinated in emulsion of baked tomatoes with lovage, hummus Green peas, crunchy lettuce, black cumin chips, herb oil 0 24.00 add delete W8 Pasztet z dziczyzny Venison pate - venison, slices of smoked bacon, juniper fruits with rosemary, pickled forest mushrooms, caramelized cranberry 0 24.00 add delete W9 Boeuf Stroganoff Seasoned beef, Portobello mushrooms, homemade potato dumplings, stewed onion, baked tomatoes, home-made bread 0 33.00 add delete W10 Krewetki w białym winie Shrimps in white wine - butter, garlic, white wine, parsley, chilli pepper, home-made bread 0 36.00 add delete W11 Pierogi ruskie z białą truflą – 5 szt Russian dumplings with white truffle - 5 pcs - cottage cheese, potatoes, white truffle, onion stewed with marjoram, fired tomatoes, sour cream 0 26.00 add delete W12 Pierogi z mięsem – 5 szt Dumplings with meat 5 pcs - veal and pork meat, smoked bacon greaves, stewed onions 0 22.00 add delete W13 Pierogi ze szpinakiem i fetą – 5 szt Dumplings with spinach and feta cheese - 5 pcs - braised spinach with garlic, feta cheese, cream and dill sauce 0 22.00 add delete W14 Pierogi z kapustą i grzybami – 5 szt Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms - 5 pcs - sauerkraut, boletus edulis, dried mushroom, stewed onion 0 22.00

Take away menu - Soups

add delete W17 Barszcz czerwony czysty Pure Red Borscht - red beets, garlic, marjoram, warecki apple 0 10.00 add delete W18 Rosół Chicken broth - homemade noodles, pieces of chicken, boiled carrots, parsley 0 16.00 add delete W19 Barszcz czerwony zabielany Red borscht with sour cream - red beetroots, cream, mashed potatoes, smoked bacon greaves 0 19.00 add delete W20 Żurek Sour rye soup - smoked meat, white sausage, boiled egg 0 19.00

Menu take away - Main dishes

add delete W22 Wegetariańskie gołąbki – 2szt Vegetarian stuffed cabbage leaves - beluga lentils, cabbage leaves, dried tomatoes, tomato sauce 2 pcs 0 28.00 add delete W23 Kaszotto z grzybami Pearl barley, forest mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, crunchy arugula, smoked Oscypek cheese 0 26.00 add delete W24 Łosoś z grilla Grilled salmon steak, vegetables with lovage, tomato sauce 0 49.00 add delete W25 Tradycyjny schabowy Pork chop in breadcrumbs, cabbage with peas and smoked bacon 0 28.00 add delete W26 Kaczka z pieca - pół kaczki Duck from the oven - half a duck, marjoram, baked apple with beetroot, cherry sauce 0 49.00 add delete W27 Kaczka z pieca - udo kaczki Duck from the oven - duck thigh, marjoram, baked apple with beetroot, cherry sauce 0 29.00 add delete W28 Kaczka z pieca - pierś kaczki Roast duck - duck breast - fresh marjoram, baked apple with beetroot, cherry sauce 0 34.00 add delete W29 Golonka z pieca – 800 g Pork knuckle from the oven - 800 g - glazed pork knuckle, fried cabbage with peas and smoked bacon, Bavarian caramel and beer sauce, horseradish, mustard 0 44.00 add delete W30 Żeberka z pieca – 600 g Ribs from the oven, plum BBQ sauce - 600 g 0 44.00 add delete W31 De Vollaille z białą truflą – 2 szt De Volaille with white truffle - farm chicken breast, butter with white truffle, cauliflower, mashed peas 2pcs 0 39.00 add delete W32 Polędwica wołowa Limousine seasoned beef tenderloin, prepared by the sous vide method, cognac-pepper sauce, grilled vegetables with thyme. 0 65.00

Menu takeaway - Side dishes

add delete W35 Chleb własnego wypieku - pół Half homemade bread 0 10.00 add delete W36 Chleb własnego wypieku - cały Whole homemade bread 0 16.00 add delete W37 Ziemniaki z wody Boiled potatoes 0 4.00 add delete W38 Ziemniaki puree Mashed potatoes 0 6.00 add delete W39 Ziemniaki puree z białą truflą Mashed potatoes with white truffle 0 9.00 add delete W40 Ziemniaki opiekane Potatoes baked with garlic and rosemary 0 6.00 add delete W41 Kopytka własnego wyrobu Homemade potato dumplings 0 6.00 add delete W42 Ryż biały White rice with the addition of wild 0 4.00 add delete W43 Kasza gryczana Buckwheat 0 4.00 add delete W44 Czarna soczewica beluga Black beluga lentils 0 6.00 add delete W45 Buraczki zasmażane Fried beetroot 0 5.00 add delete W46 Kapusta zasmażana z grochem Fried cabbage with peas 0 5.00 add delete W47 Bukiet surówek A selection of salads 0 6.00

Menu take away - Desserts

add delete W50 Szarlotka Apple pie - shortbread, roasted apples with cinnamon, butter crumble, vanilla sauce 0 16.00 add delete W51 Beza Cointreau Meringue Cointreau - almond meringue, Cointreau cream, almond vanilla liqueur, strawberry sauce 0 22.00

Cold appetizers - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

Cold appetizers - For the Proletariat

Hot appetizers - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

Hot appetizers - For the Proletariat

Soups - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

Soups - For the Proletariat



Main Courses - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

Main Courses - For the Proletariat


Desserts - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

Desserts - For the Proletariat

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