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Czerwony Wieprz

ul. Żelazna 68

The Red Hog Inn is one of the most interesting places in Warsaw. Legendary restaurant is located on the corner of Żelazna and Chłodna Street. Unique atmosphere of communist restaurant was once enjoyed by many famous guests as the Polish Presidential couple, Bruce Willis, Lennox Lewis and Karim Benzema from Real Madrid. Restaurant brings out memories from old times and offer exquisite food in the same time.
Traditional polish food and recipes based on preferences of biggest communist leaders from XX century are the reason of the Red Hog popularity.

Seasonal menu

add delete A1 Zupa krewetkowa Shrimp soup with spicy vegetables and dried tomatoes 0 22.00 add delete A2 Kaczka z jabłkami zapiekana na razowych grzankach Duck with apples, baked on wholemeal toast with Korycin cheese, served with blackcurrant jam and a bouquet of lettuces 0 33.00 add delete A3 Pieczony dorsz z sosem z białym winem i zielonym pieprzem Baked cod with sauce with white wine and green pepper, served with eggplant cream, shrimps and green peas mousse 0 55.00 add delete A4 Grillowany stek z Angusa Grilled Angus steak with herb butter and boletus sauce with red wine 0 65.00 add delete A5 Murzynek orzechowy Chocolate nut cake 0 22.00

Cold appetizers - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

add delete 1 Wyborny pasztet z dziczyzny Game pate - baked in bacon, seasoned with herbs and served with pickles and cranberry sauce 0 29.00 add delete 2 Tatar z łososia Marinated in lemon juice with fresh cucumbers and vinaigrette honey-mustard 0 39.00 add delete 3 Tradycyjny tatar wołowy Traditional beef tartare - juicy beef tenderloin, served with pickles, onions, capres, mustard and an egg yolk with a dash of olive oil and black pepper 0 39.00 add delete 5 Deska frykasów PRL-u A board of the delicaties of the Polish People's Republic - homemade roast meats, game pate, bacon rolls, Polish sausages, Tatar sauce, horseradish, mustard 0 69.00

Cold appetizers - For the Proletariat

add delete 8 PRL – owski Smalec Luksusowy Luxurious dripping of the Polish Peoples Republic with apple, onion, cracklings and sausage, served with homemade bread and pickled cucumber 0 19.00 add delete 9 Zimne nóżki w galarecie Pigs trotters in aspic served with marinated chanterelles, wild mushrooms and chanterelle vinegar 0 29.00 add delete 10 Dorodny eksportowy śledź bałtycki w oleju The best Baltic herring in oil with chopped onion and baked potato 0 29.00 add delete 11 Dorodny eksportowy śledź bałtycki w śmietanie The best Baltic herring in cream with grated apple, leek and baked potato 0 29.00

Hot appetizers - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

add delete 14 Kołduny Breżniewa Breznievs Kolduny Dumplings stuffed with spicy lamb with garlic and marjoram, served in clarified butter 0 38.00 add delete 15 Boeuf Strogonow Beef Stroganoff from the best Polish beef tenderloin, simmered with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms, served with homemade crispy bread 0 46.00 add delete 16 Krewetki Naczelnego Oberżysty The innkeepers prawns in white wine sauce, with garlic, paprika and spicy Hungarian pepper 0 47.00 add delete 17 Piwna Deska Gustawa Husaka The Gustav Husaks board of beer snacks - grilled chicken fingers, breaded cheese, onion ring in batter, crispy bacon, kabanosy sausage, served with two sauces 0 69.00 add delete 18 Camembert Generała De Gaulle a A classic cheese delicacy of a great friend of Polish General Charles De Gaulle 0 46.00

Hot appetizers - For the Proletariat

add delete 20 Pierogi ręcznie lepione z kapustą i leśnymi grzybami Homemade dumplings with sauerkraut and forest mushrooms. Recommended with a mug of red Borsch 0 29.00 add delete 21 Pierogi ręcznie lepione ruskie Dumplings handmade, russian style (cottage cheese, potatoes, browned onions). Recommended with a mug of red Borsch 0 29.00 add delete 22 Pierogi ręcznie lepione ze szpinakiem, fetą i czosnkiem Homemade dumplings with spinach, feta and garlic. Recommended with a mug of red Borsch 0 29.00 add delete 23 Pierogi ręcznie lepione z mięsem Homemade dumplings with meat. Recommended with a mug of red Borsch 0 29.00 add delete 24 Kubek czerwonego barszczu A mug of red Borsch 0 15.00

Soups - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

add delete 26 Gierkowa Truflowa Giereks truffle soup with roasted chicken, Grana Padano cheese flakes and crouton 0 24.00 add delete 27 Sztandarowy Żur Standard Bearers Żur - traditional sour cream soup prepared with marjoram and horeradish, served with egg and white sausage 0 24.00 add delete 28 Flaki wołowe po warszawsku Warsaw style tripe soup prepared according to the old style Warsaws recipe, served with grilled yellow chesse toasts 0 23.00 add delete 29 Czerwony barszcz Delegata z kołdunami The Delegates beetroot soup with Kolduny dumplings 0 24.00

Soups - For the Proletariat

add delete 33 Rosół gospodyni domowej Housewifes bullion served with homemade noodles 0 19.00 add delete 34 Barszcz Przodownika Pracy Work leaders Borsch - creamy beetroot soup served with potatoes with cracklings 0 24.00


add delete 38 Sałata Ogrodowa Garden salad - a selection of seasonal vegetables with honey-lemon vinaigrette 0 22.00 add delete 39 Luksusowa z kozim serem Luxurious salad with creamy goat cheese baked on crunchy toasties with sundried tomatoes, spicy dressing with garlic and piri piri peppers served on mixed fresh lettuce 0 36.00 add delete 40 Bułgarska sałata Todora Żiwkowa Bulgarian Todor Zivkovs salad - grilled garden vegetables marinated in olive oil, garlic and green parsley served with a paste of roasted eggplant, garlic sauce and goat cheese toasts 0 29.00 add delete 41 Sałata Szpionów KGB z kurczakiem KGB spies salad - grilled chicken on mixed lettuce with Grana Padano flakes, served with crispy toasts and Caesar dressing 0 36.00 add delete 42 Sałata Szpionów KGB z krewetkami KGB Spinach Lettuce with shrimps - served on romaine lettuce and fresh rocket salad with Caesar sauce, crunchy croutons, spicy paste of dried tomatoes and chillies and Grana Padano flakes 0 39.00


add delete 46 Kapitalistyczny Łosoś Norweski Norwegian salmon - Salmon fillet marinated in lemon and garlic, baked under herb and mustard crumble, served with blanched spinach and white wine and green pepper sauce 0 66.00 add delete 47a Sandacz w pergaminie Pike perch in parchment - baked in parchment a delicate fillet of pikeperch, with vegetables, served in the company of a crayfish sauce and a fragile filled cupcake vegetable ragout. 0 69.00

Main Courses - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

add delete 50 Kaczka po polsku a la Czerwony Wieprz - specjalność Szefa Kuchni Polish style duck a la Red Hog - half of a roasted duck, marinated in sea salt, garlic and herbs, served with a roasted apple, beetroots and a cherry sauce 0 69.00 add delete 51 Polędwiczki wieprzowe I-go Sekretarza The First Secretaries pork loins - grilled pork loins, roasted in the oven with zucchini, roasted pumpkin seeds, feta cheese on a creamy fresh basil sauce 0 48.00 add delete 52 Tarta z Polnej 4 pory roku Tart - Vegetarian tart with shortcrust pastry, filled with seasonal vegetables 0 39.00 add delete 53 Golonka Ericha Erichs pork knuckle - oven roasted in Bavarian caramel-beer sauce, served with fried cabbage, prepared according to the German Democratic Republics recipe 0 49.00 add delete 54 Zrazy z dzika a la Tito Wild Boar "zrazy" a la Tito - marinated in juniper and bison grass, stuffed with mushrooms, bacon and mustard, served in a wild mushroom sauce 0 55.00 add delete 55 Prezydencki Burger z USA Jimmy Carter US Presidential Burger Jimmy Carter - juicy lamb burger in a freshly baked rosemary roll, with the addition of cucumber, onion and tomato, with a choice of sauces: caramelized onions and capers, spicy plum barbecue and mustard with harissa, served with toasted potatoes 0 49.00 add delete 57 Polędwica Limousine a la Książe Karpat Prince of Carpathia Limousine Beef Tenderloin - juicy beef with a cognac-pepper sauce and an aromatic note of Romanian Brandy. Available only in medium or well done 0 79.00

Main Courses - For the Proletariat

add delete 60 Proletariacki Kotlet Schabowy The proletariats cutlet - bread crumbed pork cutlet served with a creamy cucumber salad 0 39.00 add delete 61 Wegetariańskie leczo Janosa Kadara Vegetarian lecho - Traditional Hungarian vegetable dish of stewed tomatoes, beans, fresh peppers and seasonal vegetables. Seasoned with smoked paprika and Tokaj wine, served in a bread cauldron 0 38.00 add delete 62 Żebra CZERWONEGO WIEPRZA The Red Hog Ribs - a large portion (750g) of barrel marinated and oven roasted ribs, served on a board with pan-fried potatoes seasoned with garlic, marjoram and rosemary adn a selection of sauces and homemade pickles 0 69.00 add delete 63 Kurcze Pieczone Roasted Chicken - half roasted farm chicken served with crispy fries, white cabbage salad and original sauces: plum barbecue and mustard 0 55.00


add delete 65 Kosz chleba naszego wypieku A basket of our homemade bread with butter 0 6.00 add delete 66 Puree ziemniaczane z truflami Potato puree with truffles 0 14.00 add delete 67 Kopytka własnego wyrobu Homemade Kopytka - Polish style gnocchi 0 11.00 add delete 68 Ziemniaki z wody Boiled potatoes 0 8.00 add delete 69 Ziemniaki w ćwiartkach opiekane Quarters of roast potatoes 0 8.00 add delete 70 Ziemniaki tłuczone ze skwarkami Mashed potatoes with crackling 0 11.00 add delete 72 Ryż biały z dodatkiem dzikiego White rice with wild rice 0 8.00 add delete 74 Bukiet warzyw na parze Steamed vegetables 0 12.00 add delete 75 Warzywa grillowane Grilled vegetables 0 12.00 add delete 76 Bukiet surówek A selection of salads 0 10.00 add delete 77 Mizeria Creamy cucumber salad 0 10.00 add delete 78 Buraczki zasmażane Fried beetroot 0 9.00 add delete 79 Kapusta zasmażana Fried cabagge 0 9.00 add delete 80 Frytkinew French fries 0 10.00 add delete 81 Kasza gryczana okraszona skwarkaminew Buckwheat groats seasoned with greaves 0 8.00 add delete 82 Ogórek kiszony Pickled cucumber 0 7.00

Desserts - For Dignitaries and Bourgeoisie

add delete 84 Deser gest Kozakiewicza Velvety and light mascarpone cream with eggnog and delicate yogurt. Layered with kajmakowa, on a shortbread with nut and butter dough. 0 24.00 add delete 85 Kultowy Torcik W-Z Iconic W-Z Cake - Chocolate sponge cake layered with cream with apricot jam, served with a scoop of coffee ice cream based on Saska vodka. Coffee with a brandy. 0 24.00 add delete 86 Torcik Black & White Black and White cake - a duo of black and white Belgian chocolate mousse, served with authentic vanilla cream and wild berry jam 0 22.00 add delete 87 Gwiazda Fidela - specjalność naszej cukierni Fidels star - the pastry chefs specialty. An almond meringue filled with a vanilla cream, with a dash of Cuban Havana Club rum, served on a red strawberry star - Filed Castros favorite dessert 0 26.00 add delete 88 Tort bezowy Gwiazda Fidela - w całości Meringue cake Fidels star as a whole pie (8portions) 0 149.00

Desserts - For the Proletariat

add delete 90 Szarlotka Złota polska jesień Golden Polish Autumn apple pie - made with autumn varieties of apples, served hot 0 23.00 add delete 91 Sernik Tradycyjny Traditional cheesecake - made by our Pastry Chef from cottage cheese and cream, with raisins and orange peel 0 19.00

Menu for kids

add delete 100 Rosołek z kurczakiem - dla dzieci Chicken soup with homemade noodles - for kids 0 8.00 add delete 101 Pomidorowa - dla dzieci Tomato soup with noodels - for kids 0 8.00 add delete 102 Polędwiczki kurczaka duszone z marchewką - dla dzieci Chicken fillet stew with carrots served with homemade potato dumplings - for kids 0 15.00 add delete 103 Panierowane polędwiczki kurczaka - dla dzieci Breaded chicken strips with french fries and salad - for kids 0 15.00 add delete 104 Kotlecik schabowy - dla dzieci Crispy pork fillet with french fries and creamy cucumber salad - for kids 0 15.00 add delete 105 Spaghetti z sosem bolońskim - dla dzieci Spaghetti bolognese - for kids 0 15.00 add delete 106 Pierogi Małego Prosiaczka z mięsem - dla dzieci Dumplings with minced meat - for kids 0 12.00 add delete 107 Pierogi Małego Prosiaczka z kapustą i grzybami - dla dzieci Dumplings with sauerkraut and mushrooms - for kids 0 12.00 add delete 108 Pierogi Małego Prosiaczka ruskie - dla dzieci Dumplings with cottage cheese - for kids 0 12.00 add delete 109 Pierogi Małego Prosiaczka z serem na słodko - dla dzieci Dumplings with sweet cottage cheese - for kids 0 12.00 add delete 110 Leniwe pierogi - dla dzieci Lazy dumplings with bread crumbs and fruits - for kids 0 10.00 add delete 111 Domowa szarlotka - dla dzieci Homemade apple pie with almond crumble 0 10.00 add delete 112 Aksamitny sernik - dla dzieci Cheesecake delight - for kids 0 10.00 add delete 113 Wyborny Torcik Black & White - dla dzieci Black & white chocolate cake - for kids 0 10.00

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