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Z1 Romantyczna kolacja dla dwojga Romantic dinner for twoCold: Borpince bread, körözöt bryndza paste, creamy brandy liver pate, spicy pepper mousse, paprika lard, roast beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise  Soups: Bogrács Goulash Soup and Halászlé Fish Soup Dishes: Lecso with Mangalica Sausage. Beef cheeks in red wine, galushka dumplings.  Dessert: Somloi galuska - a biscuit mess with vanilla cream, apricot jam and chocolate 249.00 Z2 Węgierska kolacja dla dwojga Hungarian dinner for two Cold: Borpince bread, körözöt bryndza, creamy brandy liver pate, hot pepper mousse, paprika lard  Soup: spicy goulash bogrács  Dishes:: Lecso with mangalica sausage, Pörkölt fiery pork stew, galuszka noodles Dessert: Galuska Somloi - biscuit mess with vanilla cream, apricot jam and chocolate 149.00 Z3 Barwa smaków dla dwojga The color of flavors for twoTasting portions of Hungarian stews:  - brassoi - pulled pork with marjoram,  - debreceni tokany - beef with vegetables and mangalica sausage,  - vegetable lecso,  - fiery pork stew pörkölt with golushka dumplings, confit potatoes and vegetables 89.00

Something fast and tasty

1 Lángos klasyczny Traditional street-food flat yeast pancake with garlic, sour cream and cheese 15.00 2 Lángos salami Traditional street-food flat yeast pancake with garlic, sour cream, mild salami and cheese 18.00 3 Lángos avocado Traditional street-food flat yeast pancake with avocado mousse, pepper, garlic and rucola 20.00 4 Lángos hot Traditional street-food flat yeast pancake with habanero mousse, spicy mangalica sausage, pearl onion and cheese 20.00


7 Pasty węgierskie na zimno Hungarian cold pastes for two. Pepper lard, bryndza körözöt paste, creamy goose pate with brandy, spicy paprika mousse, freshly baked bread 25.00


10 Halászlé Hungarian fish soup with catfish fillet. 350ml 24.00 11 Bogrács Traditional Hungarian goulash soup with beef, potatoes and goluszka noodles. 350 ml 24.00

Main courses

14 Brassoi Pulled, slow-cooked pork, dipped in glace sauce, seasoned with marjoram, garlic and black pepper with potato slices 38.00 15 Debreceni tokány Debrecen token made of roast beef with fresh vegetables, sausage and sugar snap peas with confit potatoes 42.00 16 Lecsó Lecso with mangalica sausage with confit potatoes 35.00 17 Lecsó vege Vegan lecso with confit potatoes 32.00 18 Pörkölt Fiery pork stew with goluszka noodles 38.00


21 Gundel palacsinta Pancake with peanut mousse topped with chocolate 25.00 22 Gesztenye pureé Chestnut puree with rum and vanilla cream 18.00