Restaurant Polish

Brasserie Warszawska

ul. Górnośląska 24

Brasserie Warszawska is inspired by Warsaw tradition and European modernity.
Our menu was created from a combination of simplicity and elegance of taste,
and our team takes care of our guests with real passion.


Available Monday - Friday 12:00 - 16:00

add delete L1 Lunch - Zestaw I Lunch - Set I 
Green beans, egg, anchovies
 Strozzopetti, vegetables, Parmesan
 Blueberries, meringue, mint
0 39.00
add delete L2 Lunch - Zestaw II Lunch - Set II
Green beans, egg, anchovies
Fried chicken, cabbage, demi glace
 Blueberries, meringue, mint
0 39.00


add delete 2 Kalarepa z chrzanem Kohlrabi with horseradish, apple, creme fraiche 0 26.00 add delete 3 Tatar wołowy Beef tartare, lovage, ponzu 0 42.00 add delete 4 Świeże ostrygi Fine de Claire n.2 (1 szt.) dressing z bzu Fresh Oysters Fine de Claire n.2 (1 pcs.), lilac dressing - the oysters are closed on delivery, they can be opened on request 0 12.00 add delete 7 Sałatka grecka Greek salad, homemade feta 0 36.00 add delete 9 Tartaletka z kurkami Tartlet with broad beans, chanterelles and goat cheese 0 34.00

Main Dishes

add delete 11 Kopytka z bobem Potato dumplings with broad bean, tomatoes,, parmesan cheese 0 38.00 add delete 14 Okoń jeziorny Roast perch, pumpkin, currant, elderberry 0 66.00 add delete 16 Rib Eye z polskiej jałówki Ribeye from Polish heifers with bernaise sauce 0 90.00 add delete 17 Polędwica wołowa Beef tenderloin,, artichoke, demi-glace 0 95.00 add delete 21 Fish & chips Fish & chips, aioli, tomatoes 0 46.00 add delete 22a Pierś z kaczki Duck breast, peach, yorkshire pudding 0 62.00


add delete 23 Domowy chleb z masłem Homemade bread with butter 0 7.00 add delete 29 Domowe frytki French fries with aioli 0 12.00 add delete 30 Letnia sałatka z pomidorów Summer tomato salad 0 12.00 add delete 31 Fasolka szparagowa Green beans, dill 0 12.00


add delete 35 Savarin Savarin, apricots, almonds 0 24.00

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